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  • Wow, @HEXCoryJones you knew people were wxpecting some kind of actual update now that your two month delay has passed, but we get no release date, no assurances that it's still coming, and no excuses about why it's delayed longer. Fine. If you don't care anymore, than neither do I. I may mostly just lurk on the forums, but there's no point in even doing that. If you actually somehow manage to release set 10 or new PVE content, I might be back, but until that happens, I'm out of here.

  • It's kind of sad that Hex couldn't even scrape together the money to get artwork for a PVE card and an AA card so they could run the Sea Festival this month. I probably would have at least logged in for that, and not being able to run an in game holiday that only requires adding 2 new cards and 2 pieces of equipment really says a lot about the state of the game.

  • Friday Update - 4Play

    Yoyogod - - HEX News and Announcements


    I saw the the name of the new mode, and for just a second I thought they were going to be giving us a surprise multiplayer format. Then I remembered this was Hex, so I wasn't too disappointed when I saw it was just a constructed format where you can't play cards that cost less than 4.

  • I think I know what Cory's been doing instead of working on the game:

  • HexE in Gencon 2018 ?

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    Cryptozoic will be there, and according to their website Cory is still their President and Chief Creative Officer, so he might be there for that.

  • I'm glad to finally hear some news, and I'm glad to hear you're looking into expanding. Set 10 being delayed is disappointing, especially since I've gotten so bored with 9 that I haven't even bothered to use my free weekly draft tickets in weeks. While it wasn't mentioned, I assume that if the PVP release has been pushed back 2 months, there's no chance we'll be seeing AZ3 this year (not that I had much hope we actually would).

  • Wow, another week where the only "news" is about the new merry melee format. No word on PVE. No word on siege updates. Not even any spoilers for the next set. The new format seems like it might be fun, but I'm out of plat and I'm not comfortable giving money to a company whose communications have become so awful that I'm starting to think the doom and gloom brigade might be right about Hex circling the drain.

  • Based on what I just saw when my seige went down, the AI doesn't seem to view Boglam, The Mad Marsh as a threat, and despite having removal and blockers, just let it summon a ton of Dementia Daisies to bury all my cards.

  • This is by far my least favorite of the merry melee formats. So far I've gone 2-3 and 0-3 the two times I tried it, and they were pretty much all tremendously unfun losses where my opponent would get almost all the removal and/or interrupts and would completely dominate the game because of it.

  • Siege Currency Update

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    Wow, 2 sacks an hour now. Now, with a little luck I might get the mercenaries hiding in the siege packs in a year or so.

  • I hope they go for queues. I work retail, and therefore usually work weekends (when scheduled events always seem to happen), so I wouldn't be able to participate if it was scheduled.

  • I upgraded my Obliterator Kor merc earlier today, and I noticed that it is still listed as not upgraded on the mercenary selection screen. However if I right click on him to view his abilities, he is listed as upgraded there, and his upgrade"Ender's Shadow" ability is functioning.

  • Personally, I voted for AZ3, but that's mostly because "release new AZ content on a regular schedule" isn't an option.

  • This is kind of disappointing to me. I mostly play PVE, so standard legality doesn't matter to me, but since I'm only at level 79, it looks like I'll have nearly no chance of getting the Dark Heart AAs. I think it would be much better if you could let people choose which of the AAs of the appropriate rarity they get. That way I can get a playset of each instead of being stuck with 8 of whatever the new legendary AA ends up being (assuming you don't replace that before I get to 200).

  • I found this set of Collector's AA choices really disappointing. I was really hoping for some rowdy choices, as that's my favorite mechanic in the set.

  • MYSUBMISSION Brown Fox Bacchanal The image is focused on a female Coyotle who is dressed in clothes that are of the same cut as the standard Brown Fox Scout card, but are much more garishly colored. She is hoisting a tankard and is partying hard with Brosi-Buk and various other members of the Merry Caravan.

  • AA Chasing the Rainbow

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    The AA version of Chasing the Rainbow doesn't summon a Gold Elemental when you pay 10.

  • Quote from Damascus: “These are all really cool except for Corinth imo - I really fail to see how anyone can "create a deck which makes each mercenary’s unique characteristics shine" (the words of the article) when the only aspect of deckbuilding that exists with this merc is picking colors. She is pretty much the epitome of rng, with no real strategy to build around. Other than that though I'm definitely excited for these! ” There are ways around her ability. If her regular passive works like I…

  • I like Corinth. I don't think she's super strong, but I love playing weird, random decks every now and then.

  • Oddly, I was wondering recently why they still haven't released the $2.1 million stretch goal: f2fc57251e396b701ac82d6740c6828e_original.jpg Why don't we have our weekly Creatures of Entrath web guide recounting the adventures of Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe and Sir Silas Bexley? Unlike their other undelivered promises, that one presents no technical challenge. All they need to do is hire someone to write it.