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  • Quote from Gwaelan: “No way! I played that deck for a very long time and ultimately switched to another one because either people got mad at me when they saw my supposedly boring deck or I got totally stomped by some aggro decks. ” Getting mad at Sugar Rush is childish, but it is miserable to play against and not a very fun experience, we appreciate you switching

  • Wildlife might be broken

    Floing - - Bugs and Tech Issues


    I played against this bug, i let it resolve at XX=10 because I had a boardwhipe and he had some troops anyway and I got hit by 5 walking calamities, definitely not working as it reads on the card.

  • Ladder cheating is back

    Floing - - HEX Discussions


    I can understand the people who do this immortal has a goddamn 20-40 minutes queuetime.