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  • Same error too on OSX 10.10.5

  • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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    Quote from Fomies: “I've been testing out a new mono Ruby Mage deck. I've done well with it in it's current configuration but I think it might still need work. Consistency is high and and the overall kill speed can be very fast at times but it does have ways of going long.!/deck=252686 Some of the key cards are only good due to their equipment so you might think they are odd choices if you have not tried them equipped before. Ricochet Blast is an all star often clearing an e…

  • [OLD] Frost Arena - Deck Tier List

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    Quote from Venris: “From my own experience, my own twist on Terrormill seems reasonably capable (Finished an arena with it, 2 losses, one of those to Archon of Nulzaan which is pretty much Botanist for mill decks). When in doubt, apply big spiders. ” My only run was also with a old and not tuned terror mill... finding archon was a real bad surprise

  • It happen also to me, my inventory is totaly missing, only the Vip marker. I'm on Mac, normal client

  • Frostheart Patch Notes

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    Quote from Thoom: “Am I missing something about the slaughtergear nerf that's causing all of this wailing and gnashing of teeth? It seems like a relatively minor tweak to Replicator that makes it not quite as self-enabling. But in my experience, most of my explosive turns with the Slaughtergear deck came on the back of Reaver, and if I have a Reaver out, then I have something even better to replicate. As far as I can tell, the equipment changes are just templating, and maybe actually a small buf…

  • the crowd roars equipment nerf

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    Quote from Eraia: “Quote from Graydeath: “I'm so upset by this nerf that i don't even rememeber what else there is in Patch notes. If the cards and equip were so powerful to need a nerf why it took more than 2 years to do decide to nerf them? ” Because before now there was no content to justify nerfing them. New FRA is the reason for these nerfs. 100%. ” No contento to justify it? Oh yes, in the last 2 years there was no PVE big realease. And also they didn't do any other nerf in last 2 years, s…

  • I'm so upset by this nerf that i don't even rememeber what else there is in Patch notes. If the cards and equip were so powerful to need a nerf why it took more than 2 years to do decide to nerf them?

  • I'm am really pissed by the PVE nerfs, i spended a lot of money to get that cards and now i have only a pile of ..., i'm not willing to buy any more PVE releted stuff. If you need to nerf a PVE card you need to do it as soon as possible, not after 2 years or more.

  • Quote from CoachFliperon: “Quote from Eraia: “Where last one was Cleric heavy, I predict this one will be Warrior heavy. Prove me wrong folks, let's see those orc mages and clerics ” That should be an understatement, for a long time Orc Warriors were the cream of the crop for farming! ” Only Orc i have is a Warrior... and i'm out of slot to try other orc class so or i delete somthing or i submit only orc warrior (i have to level him)

  • Looking at this recap i should have played more coyotle... unluckly only one i have is a cleric. Now lets focus on orc... i have to level my warrior to liv 15

  • Friday Update! 4.7.17

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    I didn't have many problem, but half my opponent have to reloged at the start of the game and i hera a lot of people that lose some match for that.

  • Quote from Eraia: “Quote from Graydeath: “Talents: List in Bullets ” Just wanted to make sure you noticed that you didn't include the talents. Don't want you to sabotage your chance of winning over that! ” Totaly missed them, thanks i will do it immidiatly

  • Big fan of the 25 minutes. Did you pay attenction to when your game take to long? I do it all the time and every time my opponent use most of his time is not because he really need it, usaully he lose a lot of time because he is doing something else wile plaing hex, how you can justify if he put a stop before my draw and he let me wait 2-3 minute before draw? Other important thing: thinks to the fact that this kind of events are plaied from player around the world, a lot of people i konw here in…

  • Class: Cleric Talents: - Affinity: Clerics - Divine Altar - The Righteous Path - Hale - Healing Aura - Aura Aspect: Good Karma - Blessed Birth - Child of the Right Hand - Premonition - Cleanse - Armed Against the Dark - 1 point saved for future update Decklist: Resources: - 8x [card]Diamond Shard[/card] - 8X [card]Wild Shard[/card] - 4x [card]Well of Life[/card] - 4x [card]Howling Plains Bluegrass[/card] Troops: - 2x [card]Sight of the Sun[/card] - 3x [card]Droo's Colossal Walker[/card] - 3x [ca…

  • I just came home form work ready to test a cople of Thonia's deck, i patched and i got a big surprise... I was expecting the nerf (it was needed) but i thought we had a bit more time to tinker with her.

  • Quote from CoachFliperon: “Quote from Graydeath: “I'm playing the goggles Not a fan of Shrewd Manipulation and Tomb Swap, i'm trying Entrath Settlers thats a lot better. ” If you are playing a Thonia that has access to Sapphire, Schrewd Manipulation is the single most powerful enabler you can play. If you manage to play one on turn 1, and have any target to make use of it, you likely just win the game on the spot. You can watch the last hour or so from last night's stream on my YouTube channel f…

  • Thonia can mill, too

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    I build something similar myself, but with also ruby i had the idea after self milling with Bogberg, the Great Gobbler so i thought to combo it with Twisted Fate. When i'm home i will post the list

  • Quote from Zubrin: “Quote from Blackwood: “I've found that something somewhat consistently makes Crimson Clarity behave oddly--I believe it may be related to Cassandra providing threshold, but more likely it seems to be if you use Thonia's resource discard to gain resources. Even if you have a ruby threshold and sufficient resources, Crimson Clarity in-hand don't show as playable when you're in a phase that should otherwise be able to play basic actions. ” If you are using the Crimson Clarity eq…

  • Tryed the deck for one run, it can reliably kill on turn 2-3 my score was 3-3-2-1-2-2 but at least the first time i take a bit of time to chose what to do and to make the right chose. I'm not a big fan of Crazed Rummaging since all the time i play it with Hand of the Black Crucible in hand i discard it, i may consider adding a couple of Rise Again (also good for damage). I don't feel Dream Dance is the right addition to the deck. Shard base is a bit of a mess, but Shard Prism and Lady Cassandra …

  • Quote from KozHex: “I just watched your Thonia deck video (didn't know it was out there until you updated page one), and if your deck qualifies as farming, then mine do as well. The Thonia of the Black Crucible deck in particular is as fast or faster than your deck, capable of turn two and three kills thanks to Crazed Rummaging allowing a early Hand of the Black Crucible which is gg ” I'm trying yur deck, but it's not as fast and reliable as CoachFliperon one. It can be fast but it have to much …