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  • Apparently the site is under new management, and being relaunched. There is nothing I can do on my end. Just have to wait for them to finish. No idea on when.

  • Hello, I'm selling my entire collection. I'm willing to do both singles and bulk. Best offer on rares/exclusives. You can see my collection at

  • Looking for laptop advice

    Nathus - - HEX Discussions


    If you want more bang for your buck, a Desktop computer is always going to be better than a Laptop. As for a dedicated GPU, I always recommend one. Your not just buying a PC for what you can play now, your buying for the future. Ideally you want it to last 4+ years or so. Depending where you buy it from check their price for RAM. In my experience it is very often cheaper to buy your RAM separately and install it your self. If buying a Laptop, lookup tear-down/breakdown videos to make sure the RA…

  • Hello, With Patch: there was a change to the filters of the deck builder/collection manager. - Threshold Filters now only show cards with the selected thresholds Personally I prefer the old method, however understand the change. There is a filter option to "show Prismatic Cards only", however I feel this should be expand upon. An additional checkbox could be added such as "Include Prismatic Cards", that would function like pre Patch I don't know the difficulty in implementin…

  • WTB KS Code

    Nathus - - Auction House and Trading


    Hello, I'm looking for a KS code of at least collector, ideally with Lifetime Draft. If you have one for sale please let me know.