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  • Markul of Shadows

    Infamousneo - - Bugs and Tech Issues


    Markul of shadows will heal for 2 but only take 1 health from the opponent if you have a familiar on the board. I assume steal 2 health should be 2 heal and 2 health from the opponent.

  • I really like the sleeves. I will never say no to more sleeves for free. The problem is people are saying they want a better pack opening experience, but what they actually mean is they want more $$$ value. (There is a reason schild keeps asking over and over if sleeves are tradeable now) This absolutely gives a better pack opening experience. I will open more packs because of it, and i will enjoy myself more when doing it. Honestly, the added value chance from packs some people are apparently t…

  • Quote from Zampe: “Very good card and fantastic art, do you know the artist? ” Igor Grechanyi

  • This is the "check if your opponent is cheating in highlander or singleton" Eternal This card could win games just by being played in unnofficial highlander tournament games just by having it's effect hit a card.

  • +1+1 to all my phantoms please a164cf15e6.png

  • I'm still here. Honestly just needed a bit of a break after streaming and playing, streaming and creating content the game relentless without stop for nearly 5 years. Have some stuff going on in my life right now, this is my least favourite set to date. So all things considered this is just the best time for me to take some time for me. I don't really have time to stream anything at all right now. I'm not going anywhere long term though. Still, even if i were leaving, and if any of the other exa…

  • Quote from Obsidian: “That's fair. Were they intended to be three-color design, then? ” Yeah kind of, wanted to have some fun with it, so i tried to think of an ultra digital only design. Mess with shard identity a bit (I like the idea that there are many different ways of using the magic of each shard and there is some overlap) and also have a threshold cost for an ability that is different from the threshold cost of the card.

  • Quote from Obsidian: “They could be WS with BW thresholds for special abilities. Haunting seems appropriate for BWS overall. I'd probably make the abliity thresholds just B though, since BW is redundant with the troop. ” you activate haunting from hand so it's seperate from the troop threshold cost

  • Keyword Haunted: At the start of the turn a haunted card will show one Paranormal Sign until the end of the turn. If the sign is discovered by the controller. The card gains Exorcise Keyword Exorcise: You may exhaust any number of troops you control to try to exorcise the spirit from within this troop. If the number of troops you exhaust is equal to or greater than the cost of the haunting spirit destroy it. Paranormal Signs Flavour text changes to the flavour text of the haunting spirit. Art of…

  • Ohhh, yeah, this is meant for people who play for sure

  • not what you mean by aimed at but the goal is to have an outlet for people share things that they have done, had done to them or have seen other people do. then compile the most entertaining ones into a highlight reel and push that out every week so people can watch it. doesn't need to be just gameplay either i suppose, crazy pack openings, or wheels of fate luck, anything that people want to share i suppose.

  • yeah man kind of, hoping to put them out weekly though. and i wasn't planning to explain everything

  • I want to start putting together some highlight videos of crazy good plays, crazy rng, crazy mistakes and that kind of stuff. So if you would be so kind i need some help gathering some footage. Ways you can help: Record your games and if anything noteworhy happens send it to me. Watch streams and if something goes down, clip it and send me the link. Something like shadowplay will constantly record your last 20 minutes of gameplay. I'm sure there is other software that will do this. Having someth…

  • Gotcha, i know some of them are though cause they have numbers.

  • Quote from Chrome: “Quote from Infamousneo: “It's been sent, check your twitch inbox. Charity raffle prizes have been drawn, Colin won all of them but let me reroll to new winners Congrats.…uFoC2lmo/edit?usp=sharing ” I hadn't seen this post. Are the winner names Hex IGNs or Twitch names? We need winner IGNs. ” twitch names, i'll get the IGN names for you and email them over

  • I am so close to being done you have no idea

  • I'm just not sure that is the solution. Adding limited to the start of the event gets more people playing, but it doesn't really help with coverage. You could make the argument that kicking things off with a format that less people want to watch would damage the viewership for the event in the long run. Turn people away at the start and perhaps they find something else to do instead of watching. While i like the idea of limited making some impact on actually getting to the top 8 it makes a long …

  • Strong disagree. There is a limited event, there is a constructed event. The CCS is a test of a players ability in a complete package. The players who win the CCS have proven themselves first in constructed and then in draft. I'm not saying that it is a competitive limited event for people who qualify on limited, but it is the most prestigious and highest payout event. Players must show their worth both in playing in an established metagame with their collection and also show their ability to ad…