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  • I'm totally bleh on evo.

  • way more Ps4 players than I thought, and now some of them are starting to kick my butt! Seeing Ps4 players in gold/plat on ladder is pretty cool.

  • Does Rock Need Bans?

    ChicagoCharlie - - HEX Discussions


    I think so, just for the sake of making it an interesting format. I now either play candles and easily go 3-0 or 2-1 (losing to another candle deck), and it's so boring. I initially wanted to experiment with anti-candle decks like Thrawn does, but I got sick of getting rolled on the first several times with a deck that is just infinitely more consistent than anything i could come up with. Just feels like a waste of time I suppose.

  • Mercs for FRA Please!

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    yea i absolutely want mercs in the arena. I don't think "balance" should be an issue, since I already wreck shop with terrormill and early game artifacts. And most of the mercs would still be difficult to use in the arena. The bosses and elites aren't pushovers. Would love to see more variety being added here.

  • It's pretty cool in draft imo, but yea some of the archtypes have taken a serious hit (caravan, with the puff nerf too). Evo is just as rage inducing as set 7 imo. Playing people who have 8+ bomb uncommons after a single win, that perfectly synergize with the rest of the deck is extremely off putting to me. There's a lot of specialty removal but it really isn't enough for the amount of bomb troops in this format. I find myself crushing 5-0 Evos or losing 2-3 Evos pretty regularly. Not many close…

  • This is the best art Hex has ever done (imo). What a cool looking set. Props to the art team!

  • totally agree. Would love to see a pop up window or a little news bar that scrolls in real time

  • Really appreciate your contributions to this game with the Frenzy, Funktion. Was definitely one of the nights I most looked forward to. I'm happy Fight Night is entering the client, and also happy Frenzy (cool format, Neo) is continuing and I'm pumped for Pandemica's inclusion. One of the best parts of the Frenzy is talking with players in chat, and I highly encourage any new players to check out these Frenzy nights and sign up (it's totally free). Saying that, I might not make the Halloween Fre…

  • This is the best baseball I've ever seen in my entire life. Even if you aren't a fan, you should check out game 2 and 5. Last night was 5 and a half hours of insanity.

  • this is so awesome

  • Didn't watch the interview yet, but I'm actually kind of pumped for the news, because crafting and keeps are now being discussed and may potentially be a reality in the next year. That's pretty sweet, because adventure zone 3 might be the self sustaining pve content that funktion always talks about. After they get that out, I imagine that would let them move on to other features instead of slaving away for months on huge zones that we finish in 2 hours. I think that was the right move tbh. We st…

  • Congrats on 150 episodes guys, you've done a hell of a job. That's a lot of dedication and we all appreciate it. Don't really have any good questions that other peeps haven't asked. I guess I'd like to hear Cory's take on Lazgars on the watch list and if the team is leaning one way or the other. Thanks!

  • Twilight Eclipse in Evo

    ChicagoCharlie - - HEX Discussions


    It's the format as well... I hate to say it cause I do play it when i don't have a lot of time, or there are no drafts firing but...evo (this set in particular) just really seems like a recipe for disaster or you're gonna blow peeps out most of the time. 1 round = win can many times be.. rough. There are so many ways rng can screw you already, having only a single round to win is really rolling the dice. It's not just Twilight Dream, but Caravan can fling massive game ending butterflies at you o…

  • Friday Update! 7.07.17

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    Well played Cory, Cze, and Metronomy. That Into the Unknown art is insane. I need it. Right now. Why isn't Clash right now instead of Sunday?

  • That into the unknown might be the best art in hex (imo). Knocked it out of the park. I need that card bad.

  • Not sure I would pay for character slots/perks, etc.... I would definitely be down for all sorts of cosmetics tho (portrait packs, etc..)

  • I've found that drafting is really really fun, but some of the evo pools I've had can tell you aren't going to be doing much.

  • really frustrating for me as well. Losing game 3 of the final round of arcanum after mulling down to a 5 card hand and seeing 1 shard in 6 turns is really offputting. I know sometimes you're just going to get bad hand after bad hand, and your opp is going to have a fast start...but it still hurts, badly if you've been in a long tourney. nothing you can really do i guess. good news is I already feel better about it venting on this thread lol. maybe we just need a venting thread.

  • This is an incredibly fun tournament, and I would highly suggest signing up for it regardless of your play level or card collection. I really would have loved a tournament like this a couple sets ago when I was a total noob. You don't even need a 10$ deck to compete in the Funktion Frenzy! Thanks to Funktion and all who participated for a great time! I played this deck:!/deck=233387 I threw it together right before the tourney, so it's not great.