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  • Hi, my name is Okirke, and I'm a HAVOC addict. I tried, I really did, to stop myself, but I just couldn't stay away....FROM THE AMAZING PRICES OF HAVOC! When it's a question of time versus money....sometimes it's just easier to HAVOC. Ya know? Sometimes trade chat is a real MOS EISLEY. I have to shower after staying in there too long. But with HAVOC, it's like a day at the SPA. I feel completely refreshed afterwards. 'Member when you could get cards without being nickle and dimed? No 'membering …

  • I know guys that its really tempting to trust a guy named ***, and that him being a regular participant and active member in chat might make him seem like a friendly and trusty guy, but I've heard stories about him being involved in some unsavory business....and I'm not talking about selling gold/plat against ToS rules....I'm talking about cat juggling. He is a known cat juggler.