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  • Friday Update Update! 5.25.18

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    The artist who started to protest said himself on the facebook post he made that they got paid, what else do you all want beyond that ? Thank you for the update, very excited for immortal gauntlet, and so far I like the new merry melee mode. Great job guys.

  • No need to replace an existing tournament, they could just add another one

  • Quote from StorrowN: “Hey @HEXRysu and @Dinotropia Now that we have 2 bashes and 2 Clashes every week, and they are paying out in-game prizes: Can we get one Bash to be Immortal each week? And one Clash to be Kismet each week? You don't even have to re-work the Kismet for a bit, just run back the last one, it was fantastic. And Immortal has been in a good spot since the last adjustments. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life. There's nothing worse than logging in to Hex and seeing…

  • In all my hex time i've seen maybe once a match end because of the clock, and i've played a fair share of control decks. I would rather reduce the clock to 25 minutes, to make tournament round finish faster, but that's another topic. A time limit per turn seems pretty terrible to me, it kills combo decks.

  • Shit happens and it happened last bash. Even if the decision was not ideal, it seems like it was the only one you could take. Thank you for the explanation and clarification.

  • There have been bugs far more important that this one in the last bashes (The bug where ire could not target prismatic cards comes to mind), and nothing was done, the bash was played out. Here, the player was disqualified because people were complaining. If he did not stream his matches, I do not think he would have been disqualified, and that's the real problem to me. This interraction between major battalion gem and actions was discussed on the forum a week ago, if it was really a big problem,…

  • People are angry when nothing is on the list and people are angry when cards are on the list.

  • The lastest platinum plunder had decent numbers. And even if it's still really early to say, I think set9 brought a lot of variety in the viable decks.

  • The meta is more leaning on midrange than aggro from the link your provided. And it seems like there are a lot of different type of decks in those archetypes, which is good.

  • Just a month ago we had this Bash I'd say control did pretty well. I really think the format is very healthy, with every deck having a chance to perform, no archetype is dominating outrageously.

  • Quote from RemoGaggi: “Quote from Wolzarg: “Quote from RemoGaggi: “I don't like card advantage in this game, especially this format. It's too easy to obtain which makes variance even more of a factor. In other words, whoever gets the engine rolling first will likely win. ” That is incredibly vague could you be more specific otherwise it pretty much is exactly how card advantage works. The one exception being exalted pathfinder which is obviously a overtunned card with deeply unfair interactions …

  • Great news, can't wait to draft with these packs.

  • I'm ok to do this if it helps the casting crew.

  • I stopped reading the thread a few pages ago when I realized what a futile debate it would turn to. I'm neither anti-Jeff nor pro-Jeff, and it's true that he is a little bit too impulsive at times, but no one can deny that he has invested a tremendous amount of time trying to help Hex grow. He is one of the most regular content producer for the game. Since I mostly play constructed, I just want to thank him because without him my hunger for quality constructed content would not be satisfied. Con…

  • Culmination of blood is not nearly as oppressive (yet ?) as LV is/was. It does not prevent you from playing an entire archetype. CoB is a dead card in a lot of match-up, , and is completely destroyed by cards that void the crypt. Plus, unlike LV, where the cost reduction was "free" because your plan is to attack the opponent anyway, CoB cost reduction is not as trivial. It's a strong card though, but the game would be boring if we start banning all strong cards.

  • Hex welcoming committee

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    I'd love to help as much as I can. I'm mostly oriented towards PvP constructed, and to a lesser extent limited. I'm just wondering if the communication with people playing on PS4 will be easy. From my experience written chat on PS4 if a nightmare to communicate with others.

  • Some people will complain that it's not what they were hoping for. I think it's great news.

  • Quote from Arkansaw: “Would it be an oversimplification to say that they have given up on the casual base and just want to cannibalize magic players? ” It would just be a wrong statement.

  • I do not understand people complaining about the Hex Bash. If it's not to your liking, don't participate in it, no one is forcing you. I personally find it amazing and I am really lookiing forward to it.