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  • Just for information, everyone who has disconnection problem (like me) are from EU?

  • Quote from xbete: “Someone is always trying their luck but I don't think they succeed very often, except in wasting their time, as they could otherwise sell their jank for a reasonable price to someone who wants to play a card game rather con-man / broken market simulator. ” when it succeed is jackpot for him and a leaving user for us. It happen with other cards and his annoying. If you want to play the market, do it outside hex, there is the stock market that is perfect

  • Or let us craft PVE cards and equipment

  • If they can start EU tournament at 10 am gmt would be much better (saturday at 5pm is not great)

  • Friday Update Update! 5.25.18

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    I would love a PVE roadmap now about guilds, multiplayer, raids etc. Are those still a thing?

  • Quote from Rendakor: “ Quote from HXE: “ - Siege Sacks will no longer be calculated based on number of wins - Instead, Sacks will be calculated based on the amount of currency in your defense - For every 1000 gold, you’ll earn 1 Siege Sack - For every 5 Platinum, you’ll earn 1 Siege Sack - The passive Siege Sack gain has doubled. Players will now earn 2 Sacks per hour that their Siege is active ” ” new price are too low. Come on, for the PVE part HexEnt should no…

  • Quote from GobBluth: “I lost faith in the cards having value promise when they deleted everyone's accounts. So, I'm cool with this. Hopefully it helps retain new players so that I have more people to draft with. Now I'll just immediately sell everything I open in limited instead of holding certain cards to try and play the market. I've been a leach on the system anyways for a long time so don't really feel I complain when they make a business decision of this kind. Haven't put any money in the g…

  • Quote from Firellius: “Quote from Vroengard: “@Firellius The CC are mostly fine. The SS on the other hand... poor implementation (you have to lose to get them) for an awful mode. So I agree. Not that I think HXE has made enough profit from this game to even make what you imply worth it. ” Well they sure as hell aren't going to make that money if they don't get their act together. So either they're overtaking Overwatch in the race to the 'worst gamedev team ever' trophy through sheer incompetence…

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from SlayerStronghold: “Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Goliathus: “Quote from Vroengard: “Siege rewards arenon-tradeable, as they should be, because some players have multiple accounts and can do the following: Create three shards-only defence decks - Challenge it with another account - Concede as attacker - Repeat 2 and 3 a few times - Then challenge and actually beat the Keep. This can be done both incredibly fast and incredibly easily. ” Doesn't stop 2 friends …

  • Smart Drop System

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    Quote from Ertzi: “Also implement it to FRA please. I want a realistic chance to get the newer equipment before I am a senior citizen. ” or let us choose our reward from a pool

  • I have a better solution with the advent of cosmic coins. If you lose a match in constructed/sealed, you dont lose start. They can increase the stars needed to each level but it will reduce the "feel bad" moment

  • Draft Queue Stagnating Again

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    1 win draft should reward 1 pack. Stop being too cheap HexEnt

  • Adventure Zone 3?

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    Quote from Arkansaw: “Quote from Goliathus: “Quote from Portensio: “sorry, I should of been more clear. The 25% is a totally invented number but the % does not matter even if its 55% because 55% of 4000 vs 55% of 20,000 people, its still a big difference. (it could be 100%) ” What if the PVE is so good that another 5000 players join the game? 55% of 4000 + 100% of 5000(cuz they join for PVE) isn't that bad. Also, there are a lot of PVE players who are ex-players at this point and the potential o…

  • Quote from Griffinheart: “Quote from GobBluth: “Prison of the Mind was a mistake to print. It nullifies all of the board development and interaction in a game into nothing. Otherwise interesting and back and forth games are over once that card is played. There is no way to play around it other than verdict. Not a fun or interesting card. ” prison of the mind is best versus slow decks or against stalled out boards. Try lowering your curve and playing more aggressively to limit Prison's impact. ” …

  • Adventure Zone 3?

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    Quote from Largashbur: “PvE with high replayability that has been updated with Set 7, Set 8 and Set 9 = FRA. Why do people always discount FRA updates as "PvE is not getting any support anymore"? And that is not even taking into account Siege, which is quite unique new fun to be had with PvE cards and equipment, like Frederik has also pointed out. ” Because Arena is not what we were expecting when the kickstarter was launched and founded

  • Quote from AxelDWater: “Quote from Eraia: “I've always felt that they should makes gems unlockable in the campaign. So when you create your first character, you automatically unlock the current standard set of gems, but you can either complete quests or make purchases or something to unlock previous sets gem rosters. I understand their goal with campaign gem restrictions is to prevent first time players from having an overwhelming number of gems, and I appreciate that... but let us unlock the ge…

  • Quote from Morwath: “I don't understand why do gems in campaign rotate at all, since basic PvE card pool isn't tailored around "new" gems. ” old gems were too strong and Hex choose to rotate them

  • Quote from Ducklett: “Bring Constructed Gauntlet back. I feel like everyone wants it. However, I think it would be an interesting experiment to think about how many packs have evaporated from the change to async draft. Based on the last number I was provided with how many players play through their draft per pod (6.8, lets round to seven) and the fact that each player is adding 1.5 packs to the prize pool, we are losing ~150 packs and 3 primals every 100 pods. From March 14th to April 4th, based…

  • Quote from Gregangel: “I think everybody should have noticed by now there is a lobbying action underway coming from notable constructed players complaining about the price of constructed standard, too high in their opinion. I don't really want to take position about contructed too expensive or not. What I know and want to open to discussion here is this : I think their line of thought here is very shortsighted and only driven by some kind of selfish corporatism leading to bad to ridicule suggest…

  • Quote from Homunculus: “:D? ” You probably know more than us, japanese player are a good number or no?