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  • Today's update is.....Better than silence I guess. I'm a bit mad that there was nothing added about things actively being worked on for the game, just a piggy back from last week to be honest. Better than silence but not by much TBH.

  • This is welcome news on so many different levels. First of all I have to give you kudos for taking responsibility for the short comings of HEX and disengaging from the community. Mentioning PVE and saying that it will be a focus is one of those "THERE IS A LOVING GOD!" moments, however I must put a huge caveat on this. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm going to be perfectly blunt (boy what a surprise there right?) when I say I have zero trust in Hex Entertainment right now and I'm not alone. Ho…

  • @Dinotropia Does this mean that actual news about the state of the game is coming, or are you just paying out so you can have one final act of goodwill before ya'll bounce?

  • Guys I'm going to make a request that might sting a little bit: If you have an invite, please do not show up for the CCS. Why? HXE has given us the cold shoulder for over a year, and it's about time we do the same. If no one shows up for their big flagship tournament, then maybe they'll get the message that enough is enough. Please do not play in the CCS, and help send a loud and clear message to HXE.

  • Happy one year anniversary of the last time you gave a flying F. Here's to another year of you doing the absoulte bare minimum while leaving your kickstarter backers holding the bag.

  • Since he's actually replying, I have a question as well. @Dinotropia Do you plan on making any meaningful announcements on the state of the game, and if there will be any new content in the foreseeable future?

  • How to better siege: Step one: Douse Siege in gasoline. Step two: Load Siege into high speed catapult. Step three: Set Siege alight. Step four: Fire siege into the flarking sun. Step five: Pretend the entire thing never happened. Can siege be fixed? Yeah Probably. Is it worth fixing after how it put a gigantic wedge into the community? No, not at all. Kill it with fire and high speed catapults.

  • Maybe that's why they can't do anything but copy and paste. They've eaten so much of our money, that they just can't move anymore.

  • Yay another deleted post, more coals for the dumpster fire. I really should put a deleted posts counter in my signature, cause dinobot seems to have made a sport out of deleting my posts.

  • Welp I've officially run out of f's to give about antagonizing Hex Ent. Not worth my time or energy. Get bent hex ent.

  • For this installment of Raptos's weekly antagonizing of HEX ENT, we're getting multi lingual. Here's different translations of the word FRAUD. Spanish: Fraude Arabic: tazwir Russian: мошенничество Greek: Απάτη Latvian: Krāpšana Tune in next week as Raptos figures out more creative ways to tell HEX ENT how he really feels. I'm thinking of trying interpretive dance.

  • If HEX ENT didn't give me reason to be caustic, I wouldn't be caustic. Also you seem to be in the minority when it comes to the funny part.

  • It's called a joke. Man this forums sense of humor died along with the game.

  • 1M gold giveaway

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  • I'm running out of ways to goad dinobot into deleting my posts, I'm about ready to just start posting porn.

  • Butts. (Was this written just to goad dino into deleting another post of mine? Yes. Do I have a single flying f left to give about what Dino and HXE think of me or my posts? No, I sure as heck do not.)

  • Two comments deleted in one post, that's a new record for me. I think dinobot likes me. Pffffffffffffffft

  • Quote from CoSVII: “You know if you ran leader Boards for Merry Melee with weekly rewards you might see more participants (after everyone already had the sleeves). But yea ... that would require effort. ” Effort is a funny way to spell dignity. They don't even have enough dignity to address the community, why would they even bother attempting to actually improve the game?

  • Oh look, another comment of mine deleted by dinobot. I'm starting to think they don't like me calling out their awful business practices.

  • I all want for Christmas is for this studio to die in the scorching fire of bankruptcy.