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  • Hello again! When I attempted to open my Kismet's Reserve Oni Pack, it plays the animation as if opening, but only opens an empty box! If you click continue, you have the pack back in your inventory as if you had not opened it at all! Anyone else having this issue? (Also can't buy platinum but someone mentioned that this was known by everyone already right now!)

  • Alright, so I've found a solution - I had to disable something called vJoy. So for anyone having issues similar here are steps to solve -> 1) Right click start menu/start icon 2) Select Device Manager 3) Scroll down to Human Interface Devices and select the drop-down arrow 4) Right click vJoy device and Disable. The mouse should move again in Hex upon loading! Again HUGE thanks to Azuchi in the general chat for all the help!

  • Hello! Yesterday, my game was absolutely fine! Today, of course, new patch brings new difficulties! Only after downloading the patch have I had these issues. After logging in, as soon as it swaps to the "Hex Shards of Fate" with the three characters and download bar at the bottom appears, the mouse jumps to the middle of the screen (whether alt-tabbed or only in-game) and locks there. If I attempt to move or drag it anywhere else it jumps almost immediately back to the middle of the screen, maki…