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  • WTS oni stuff

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    WTS stuff from the oni pack blade of sekki 2500p chest of the oni order 4000p oni assasin / swiftpaw trickstet 100p sekki 300p also the AA strangle and something borrowed and the other equipments.

  • Played a game with opponent, i played zeddeks judgment that was already bounced into deck by its ability (so it had cost 0), they runebound it. Later, i drew a shard, judgment activated, it's cost was 3. but it didn't have it's 1-shot ability to return to deck. Would attach log but it's bigger than 1mb, propably will send email to support.

  • More interested in defence, already have some decks in mind (terrortula, lifegain, verdict), but im also wondering how my pvp deck would handle attacking.

  • Maybe i'm just spoiled by gwent, but these animated cards just look bad. The motion on them just doesn't make much sense, with some small detail on the card swirling but the rest of the card remaining static even when it depicts someone in motion. and it just feels weird - for example disruptor drone (looks like it should be rolling around or the candlekin in background running) or livewire lasher (electric effect, mouth movement, but not running even when it should). Compare that to the last ki…

  • Quote from Vroengard: “(1) Is unlikely, judging by what FRA has shown us. And while the defender will not have uber champions with game breaking passives / champion powers or troll AI-only cards, this will be balanced by the fact that the average player beats an above-average AI in Hex. (2) If you think about it, the one big Gold sink that is Wheels of Fate is, most likely, NOT working as intended. Vast majority of chests being rolled are Common and Uncommon. They needed this. Also, nothing is c…

  • The mode seems like great fun (though it would be better if we could give some instructions to the AI ( imho the best way would be some simple scripting language, and whenever it has no instructions (and no "pass" instruction), it acts as default AI (though this would probably mean even more development time)) and let players use pve cards to compensate. However, i'm worried that someone will find some deck that, even when piloted by AI, is unbeatable by any standard deck. Also, the tax seems to…

  • Does Rock Need Bans?

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    Quote from Vroengard: “I'm just gonna go ahead and ask, the people asking for certain card(s) of the Illuminate deck to be banned, they mean to be specifically banned in the Rock league, right? ” yes

  • Does Rock Need Bans?

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    First i thought " lets give it another week, to let the meta stabilize". Well, the time has passed, i'm for banning choir.

  • Im definetly for rock queue, would save me from asking if anyone wants to play rock with me. What about an option to queue for multiple queues though? Like you pick a queue, and while you are waiting for that queue, you can also sign up for different queues, and once one of them fills, others are cancelled and you go to a game of that one format.

  • Got my gold in under 10 seconds. Are you sure you are a volunteer and not an actual bot (i am under the impression that volunteers log in as bankerbot and manually check and send mail)? BTW would be nice to get some kind of data charts going, like amount of gold bought/sold each day , gold/plat reserve per day, price changes, to get some idea of changes in hexonomy. Also, maybe instead of using the gold reserve for prices, wouldn't it be better to use gold reserve to plat reserve ratio? Again th…

  • Primal packs - 24 how many to 4x - 1431 primal sleeves - 41 WoF sleeves - 298 last card - timophy

  • Shiver my dingler! 2 action Sacrifice X dinglers - deal X damage to target troop or champion. Dinglers you control become pirates in addition to their existing types. "If you let us shoot your friends into that ship, you can have these cool hats. Deal?" Dinglermancy X action Revert up to X troops in your crypt, transform then into dinglers and put them into play under your control. They become zombies in addition to their existing types. "Now this is just too cruel. - Yazukan " Dingler Kombat 2 …

  • Quote from Eraia: “ and the card's name was 'lender' of the caravan not 'leader' ” oh OH sorry

  • Winners: 1. place : Thoom with Flock, Merry, Kill - 2 frostheart packs, makes the next contest 2. place : Firellius with Soul Broker - 1 frostheart pack 3. place : Arcanyx with Duplicitous Djinn - 2 legendary paidspin chests Congratulations, looking forward for Thooms next thread.

  • Quote from Firellius: “Soul Broker 4 Troop - Spirit 1/5 Deploy - A random opposing troop gets Death Sentence When an opposing troop with Death Sentence dies, that troop's controller chooses: Grieve or Bargain. Then, a random opposing troop gets Death Sentence. This has +3/+3 for every Bargain counter you have. The Soul Broker could easily earn the favours of even the most powerful in the land. For nothing is as agonising and maddening, as the loss of a loved one. Grieve: You get a Grief counter,…

  • Quote from Olfff: “Unveil the Taboo 5 cost prismatic B/S chaostouched basic action Reveal opposing champion's hand, choose up to two non ressources cards in their hand, then put them into your hand, they loose all thresholds, unless the opposing champion either buries X cards from the top of his deck or loses X life where X is the cumulated cost of these cards. If he does, put these cards into the opposing crypt instead. " Denial and anger are spectacular emotions but are often simply resolved..…

  • Weekly "tavern brawl" mode.

  • Quote from Zurai: “Quote from schild: “Quote from Zurai: “or maaaaaaaaaaaybe Dreadlings decks. ” i like how far this reaches ” Personally I can't see ever playing the wild Drop resource (giving up a charge and paying a resource to change one of my hand-picked troops into a random one is not on my list of good trades), but I can sort of vaguely see it being used in some sort of Dreadling deck to "upgrade" surviving 'lings after they attack. I'm skeptical, but stranger things have happened. ” I do…

  • She has a hole in her stomach? Did Arya try to help this seamstress with her needle?

  • That eternal is how i now imagine orokin from warframe. Gold and cold emperors.