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  • Quote from Taleisin: “I am liking it as well. interestingly enough, Eternal has captured my attention a bit more even. I am split between the two. Hard to believe a game that is only 2 years old seems so much more polished than Hex on any number of fronts. ” I was going to jump into LOTR, but I ended up trying Eternal first and I'm really liking it. I will probably pick up LOTR at some point, but I may hold off for right now. But yeah, Eternal is like Hex done right. Hex is still the superior ga…

  • The only thing i can think of is that you opened a card that was somehow banned in EVO, and therefore not available to be used in your pool. It still would have went into your collection. Stupid question, but are you sure it wasn't a rare resource you pulled in your pack, and maybe you were filtering it out somehow?

  • Quote from DogeyMcDogeface: “…f3fd0dfda872253a43d9b68be Not sure if this was here pre-update? Might be a sign of things to come. Either way i'm glad of the +20 health, shame dingleton rotates today. ” That was definitely there the first time around as well, so nothing new with the patch in that regard.

  • Quote from Knightmare: “From a purely selfish point of view, the longer I have to collect cards, chests and the gold with which to spin them (and my backlog of older chests) the better! If the pace didn't slow down a bit like this I was very much considering whether I need to give up and cash out. This extra breathing time will let me catch up a bit and keep me in the game ” I know that's probably an unpopular opinion to state, but i do agree with you, and i've always relished the delays in sets…

  • Wolzarg, aAre you talking about this, or something else? If this is what you're referring to, it's been there for a while. Like Ossuary said, it was never communicated, but I noticed it at LEAST a few months ago. WNlsyWl.jpg

  • Quote from Gregangel: “I heard also recently a co founder and a co-producer of HexE was gone to Marvel. Don't know if it is him. ” That was in January of this year and it was John Nee. I posted about it back then. See below MARVEL'S NEW PUBLISHER FORMER HEX/CZE CEO

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    I tend to think option 1 as well. Something similar happened when they announced the split from Gameforge (Cory and other communications went dark for a while right up until the announcement). Not sure if it's a good or bad announcement, like you say, but I'm trying to remain positive.

  • Dino Watch

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    Quote from Greyhaven: “"Are DataDragon, LoreGoyle, Dinotropia, Chris Woods, Cory Jones, et al even still working for HXE?" is a legitimate question because if they weren't, we'd never know until they showed up somewhere else. So yeah, a big salute to HEXahedron and the example he set for dev interaction. Cheers! ” Not sure if you picked those names specifically or if it was just an example, but DataDragon did in fact leave quite a while ago. If i remember correctly, I thought his departure was a…

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Quote from pjvedder: “I know I'm just one person, but my main computer currently down (dead sticks of RAM) on which I play Hex. Once I get that back, I hope to dive back into this and get some more badges! ” Take it out, blow on it and RAM it back in. Works every time some of the time. ” I thought that only worked on old NES cartridges?

  • I know I'm just one person, but my main computer currently down (dead sticks of RAM) on which I play Hex. Once I get that back, I hope to dive back into this and get some more badges!

  • Quote from Opalia: “If you google HEX entertainment LLC you get info about HEX employers total ” I write this with a large caveat that I may not know exactly what I'm talking about.. BUT... My interpretation of all of this is Hex Entertainment LLC, while a separate company, is still under the Cryptozoic parent company. For all we know, Cryptozoic is who still pays the bills, employees, etc. The fact that you see only 2 employees under "Hex Entertainment LLC" may not necessarily reflect what's ac…

  • Nice. I forgot how close to death I was had I not simultaneously gotten Eternal Curator and Corners of the World out back to back. Pocket army was also a nice get. Basically I lucked out

  • Question for you Blackwood... do we have to beat all 3 defenses with a deck that's designed to get a Badge. Wolzarg pointed out I may have been incorrect in that assumption during our chats. If that's not the case, and my replay is still active, despite losing to the spirits, I did complete Cloak & Dagger last night.

  • I don't mind sharing at all, unless Blackwood would rather we didn't do it on the forums. If so, I'll send you a PM.

  • Damn.. had the Cloak & Dagger Defense system badge all done (beat Lionel with only non-Troop artifacts and resources)... then lost to the next defense. I will have my revenge!!! (but now i'm going to sleep :))

  • Despite whatever issues have come up lately with Hex on the forums, I feel that lately week in and week out Hex has done something to keep me playing. Merry Melee, Cosmic Coins, Siege Sacks, and now Immortal Gauntlet is coming. In the limited time I have for my hobbies, my plan this month was to reach Cosmic and take a short break so I can finally play my backlog of Steam Sale games, watch TV, read some comics, etc. But nope, Hex had different plans for me. I’ve reached cosmic earlier than I hav…

  • Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry if i wasn't really clear, but yeah, i did understand i could go looking for people to test/play with and challenge them. My main point was that it seems awkward to have to do so and not have a queue anymore to do it. Just a small gripe and not a huge deal with an otherwise positive announcement. Thanks, Hex!

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question, but with both the immortal and standard unranked queues gone, how will people be able to test decks? It seems silly to bring a untested immortal deck right into a 500p Gauntlet. Is the only way now to look for people in general chat that want to play and then challenge them?

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    Back when those games for $50-$60 existed, though, so did Magic, Pokemon, Yu-gi-Oh, etc. So the fact that people are paying $1,000+ on a TCG (digital or not) isn't really a new idea. I agree 100% with you that i hate microtransactions and i would much rather just buy a game for $50 and have everything. I don't know if Hex woudl work like this, though it seems that Shards is going down your new proposed modal (maybe, i haven't played enough yet).

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    Quote from NeroJinous: “Quote from pjvedder: “Cory just tweeted that he has the flu. Probably a good reason why we haven't heard anything, too. ” nope not good enough. ” Fair enough. Let me try again... Cory just tweeted that he has the flu. Probably one of the reasons why we haven't heard anything.