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  • Quote from Gwaelan: “No way! I played that deck for a very long time and ultimately switched to another one because either people got mad at me when they saw my supposedly boring deck or I got totally stomped by some aggro decks. ” Same thing happened to me! One guy told me I was the reason the game was dead. He inspired me to take screenshots of the salt though and treat it like a high score meter. Maaaan. This almost makes me want to reinstall. Almost.

  • Actually

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    Quote from GryphonGardens: “Google translation is reasonably readable. I still do not understand why to use blockchain though (other then as a buzzword). ” When I looked into another game that used it, the idea was that even if the game went belly up, you still had some value to sell in cryptocurrency. Not sure how true that statement is, as I've never dipped into any of it (Even though I was aware of it when BTC was 60 USD, stupid stupid me) but it seems like a decent way to convince people to …

  • Fight of the Week

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    Quote from Vastus: “Edit: how do I embed the video within the post? ” I just posted the URL to the video in the post and the forum did Magic.

  • Fight of the Week

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    I would like to petition the commissioner to allow for an "entertainment" category. I would also like to submit the baseline for a perfect 10 in this category.

  • Quote from Hidden: “For me the biggest issue is slow play - especially PS4 players. It's brutal sometimes. I get needing two min to handle something mid-match, but taking 30 sec on every pass is stupid. If I finish with 16 min and they finish with less than 2, that's a problem. ” It's not really the PS4 players' faults. I've monkeyed around with the PS4 client and it's kind of a pain to use.

  • Every week I hope the "And More" is something useful. Every week I am disappointed.

  • A Look Back (I'm Bummed)

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    Echoing the sentiment, Hex has consistently been my favorite card game for the past 3(?) years. I'm hoping they turn this around as I'm not sure even Artifact with all it's promises will scratch the same itch.

  • Embracing the Dinobot persona, I see.

  • Nothing. See you all next week.

  • I agree. Back a few sets ago, this kind of stuff would happen and it'd be annoying, but not the end of the world because you could always go to Primal or Battleshopper if you needed to. Now we have PS4 players that only have one avenue to acquiring cards and it's actively hurting the game when these kinds of things happen.

  • But muh investments! Seriously, though, I like this idea. Putting wells in each deck would help keep the cost of immortal manageable.

  • Did Pentachills quit? He was the first Hex streamer I ever watched. I'll be sad if he quit.

  • Ugh, I was one Waxshot away from the full playset

  • Quote from Metronomy: “damn..what a mess... and then sniping on top of it...not saying thats worse than gaming the sytem in the first place..but..just.. damn... ” Look, man. I'm just a simple man that wants the alternate art shards and is upset that he can't just buy them. If this gets me there eventually, so be it.

  • Quote from Aiyers: “Back to original topic: My only concerns are there are cards here like Exalted Pathfinder which I recall very recently being placed on the watch list for a ban. Would be extremely $hitty for someone to buy a deck only to have one or more cards banned in a relatively quick manner. ” Magic had a similar situation where Stoneforge Mystic was banned in standard, but they sold an event deck with it. The solution was the card was only legal in that exact 75 card configuration. I'm …

  • Quote from Gregangel: “Quote from Vroengard: “As for @Gregangel and a comment regarding what I read in these past 4 pages, I think you should refrain from trolling people and discouraging dialogue. ” Can you just quote what you consider like trolling and discouraging dialogue ? The one who discouraging dialogue is the one who start this thread ” I believe he's referring to the post you deleted. Deflecting and pointing to Jeff exclaiming "He started it!" does not help your case.

  • Quote from Shinjica: “Quote from JeffHoogland: “Quote from Shinjica: “Well, it would be much more sellable to new players if decks would effectively cost less than Magic ” Hex does so many things better than Magic. It is just hard to get people in the door at the current price point and the lack of clear paths to grinding to build a collection. ” I'm a stranger in MTGO, how people in that game make a collection? you buy a deck and do tournament or there are other things. anyway personally i woul…

  • Quote from LADFanFourLife: “Also, why are no cards from set 9 put on the list. Voice, Scribe and Sugar Rush could all be on this list. Seems like if they were to ban any of these cards put on the list(IF!), it would hurt older decks more than newer decks. ” Someone previously mentioned this, but telling your playerbase you are considering banning cards from the set that just dropped last month is a good way to lose money and Hex needs a lot of that stuff to keep printing sets.

  • I guess North Dakota is too poor of a location to have the rich kid option.

  • I'm not sure what you're all looking at. The highest amount I'm seeing is $100 USD.