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  • Hey Coyote just wanted to say thanks for starting this thread if you are still around. I am sure I have posted in here before but that doesn't matter now. To bad the game went to shit after explicitly focusing on PVP. I was here for the PVE side and backed only for that and know many others did as well. At least I gained 2 friends on steam from the ordeal other than that it has been a waste.

  • I love all the bitching about the new drafts. Try being a PVE only player and not getting any game updates for months on end. Maybe if they would put out some content for PVE they might see a rise in Draft stats. On the flip side I have 4 draft tickets and assume when I cash these in the packs are included. If not they are as useless as the PVE side of the game is at this point.

  • Thanks to the guy who brought attention to no updates regarding PVE for 3 months I was going to go find that for myself. Glad it was posted in this thread. Sadly it was only mentioned because of this thread from an earlier update and was placed to quell the uprising in the disappointed PVE players. So here we are 3 months later back at square 1 with no new info except a few posts from Dino with no pertinent info. I backed at the King tier on KS that promised a huge PVE experience only to be gree…

  • Friday Update! 9.15.17

    Callahan - - Friday Update Updates


    Thanks for the update on the PVE front. Glad it is being worked on and it should calm down the frustrations of a lot of players.

  • I actually came to make sure my account was safe and then seen this thread. I am another KS backer (King tier) that pledged solely for the PVE content. I have not spent thousands of dollars like others here have but had waited a long time for PVE content. Awhile back a friend of mine told me they had released some but I wasn't interested at that time. Since then I have started playing the PVE content but from the sound of it it may be a short experience. Just the wait for the content is what kep…

  • I guess I am good. Will be checking my account every few days to make sure.