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  • cosmic packs rewards

    Catalonia - - HEX Discussions


    update with the last 5 packs (got the doombringer in the last one )

  • cosmic packs rewards

    Catalonia - - HEX Discussions


    i know... i guess (as english isn't my mother tongue) i didn't express what my thought was. i know "I don't think Hex ever implement a pattern or "get this for sure after X". It's pure random as far as I see" and i know "I don't think one should expect to open a Kha because he/she has already opened X packs". i was only thinking about some unuseful statistics about drop rates as there were for the convocation packs some years ago

  • cosmic packs rewards

    Catalonia - - HEX Discussions


    I've been thinking about the cosmic packs drop rates and haven't found any information on the forums. So I'm curious to know the average packs one has to open to get a doombringer. I've just opened 11 from which I got: 3 soaring cataclyst 2 briny ray 2 refuel 4 packs From previous packs I got: 1 doombringer sleeve 1 twilight justice sleeve 1 soaring cataclyst sleeve 2 twilight justice 3 soaring cataclyst 2 briny ray 1 hawkward turn 9 refuel 0 doombringer ? packs (didn't track this, but assuming …

  • find the seven differences with previous friday update (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from RoyG: “While we are at it let's write the next week dino bot update: Who's the boss merry melee Clash and bash tournament this week New season sleeve(not sure if we get it though,haven't seen the survey) Questmas is going for another week. Ignore all game issues and the community End update ” next ladder sleeve is the dingler one

  • alredy got the sleeves. going to pass on this i can't wait for next friday update. i have great expectations

  • that was nice... went 5-0 and then 5-2 got the sleeves, 2 packs, a blackheart paladin and a primordial cockatwice (to complete my playset) but i still dont like those modes so i'm done until next week (can't wait for next friday's update xD)

  • you are at work and you keep using hex

  • Quote from Vroengard: “I would like to know whether Portals can turn into Standard only or any PvP card (aka Immortal). I think it's a crucial bit of info that shouldn't be missing from the introduction. @NicoSharp Shhhh.. Don't judge. Self-fulfilling prophecy. It's just 1$ you cheapskate. Portensio is having fun. /s ” immortal... i've been facing phenteos, monsuuns, killipedes, reginalds, syyns, etc.

  • that was the merry melee format i enjoyed the less... felt like my opponents were getting much more luckier than me and spent 300 plat to get 2 wins across 3 runs, done with it and fuck the sleeve. hopefully it wasn't plat from real money as i've been able, through ah trading, to finance my games. i haven't spent money in this frustrating game for the last few years

  • i've spent 300 plat got 2 packs, a vampire prince, a dawn charger and the sleeve. i'm done until next week (i always try to get the sleeve while spending the minimum plat possible, i dont like the 100p format queue, not just this mode)

  • Quote from HAVOC: “Quote from Catalonia: “hey havoc! just a couple questions: 1. you sell for plat or only real money? 2. what do you consider "everyone else" when you set your prices? ” I can also sell stuff for plat.If you've found a cheap price somewhere, ill do my best to beat it basically ” i'll contact you as soon as i make some plat. i've just spent 20.000 plat on packs and 2.000.000 gold on chests xD

  • Quote from Portensio: “Quote from Catalonia: “7 more hours before the offer expires ” Current gold goes for 240~ 250 You won’t sell your gold at 200 unfortunately Maybe lowering it might help past this big amount of gold ” gold ratio is there just as a reference... i need 3.245.300 gold to spin my chests (in fact more for the respins), and i want to spin chests unles i get a good offer for my gold

  • i'm too busy grinding rewards to waste time posting my opinion here

  • hey havoc! just a couple questions: 1. you sell for plat or only real money? 2. what do you consider "everyone else" when you set your prices?

  • 7 more hours before the offer expires

  • Offer ends tomorrow

  • Quote from Ossuary: “Is anyone else concerned by the fact that there are 50 legends in this kismet draft? Sets normally have 18 legends (every set starting with Shattered Destiny, in fact). That makes the chances of getting any specific one you want almost insurmountably smaller than it normally is. It's also going to make the matches where a player does happen to get a bomb legend even more feelbad for the opponent, because you can't exactly anticipate such a large list of nasty hits. ” honestl…

  • i really hope the event doesn't last for as long as the last one, i hated getting cards that were about to rotate when i had an incomplete forstheart set... by the way, what is wayfaring conqueror doing there if there are no outposts in the lists? i pity the one who opens it lol i wont put a lot of effort into kismet drafts in case i'm the one to open it edit:it looks like there are some outposts... still this doesn't make kismet drafts something desirable