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  • 300 packs from set 5-9 of your choosing 8 Frostheart primal packs 2 Doombringer primal packs $25 paypal

  • Buylist

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    I'm looking to buy the following. If the price seems reasonable please COD it to me. I will accept/decline within a day. Otherwise send me a message with your best price. 1 Eldurathan's Glory 1500 plat 4 Wax Sacrament 1400 plat each

  • To be clear on what happened to Pandemica and I think 1-2 other people (I think one was a PlayStation player): 8 people joined the immortal tournament and there were 3 rounds. When there is a "cut to the top 8" style tournament the base tournament pays out 9-X and the top 8 tournament pays out 1-8. When you drop prior to the tournament ending you won't get pulled into the top 8 tournament even when you finish in one of the top 8 spots, so I'm guessing that is why some people didn't get any prize…

  • bump update to prices

  • Artifact Hex Draft

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    I would be interested. I don't think I can make the next two weeks though.

  • I'm sick of sealed not firing and Dino only having to make 1 post a week, so lets make him also have to copy and paste a door prize post! Next Saturday the 15th, I will provide 6 set 9 packs to up to 15 people. This should ensure that it will actually fire. You will still need to pay the 200plat entry fee, but all participants should come out ahead. However, I want to be able to sustain this so there are a few rules: - I will not send packs to anyone who is cosmic, you can afford your own - If y…

  • Selling Packs from Sets 5-9 $0.15 each. Selling Primal Packs for $1 each, currently available: Set 5: 2 Set 6: 1 Set 8: 1 Set 9: 2 Offer only valid until 11/25 at 8pm PST. Paypal only.

  • Selling packs from set 5-9 100 packs for $10. Also selling cards at $0.10 per 100 plat, minimum $5 order. Here is my collection:!/cards/collection=22374 Cards in this deck are not for sale:!/deck=355324 One copy of the following cards is account locked and untradeable: Gore Feast Te'Talca Endbringer Exarch of the Egg Deepgaze Champion Dino Might Wakuna Crowfeather Paypal only.

  • I played against Catalonia in round 1 of the Five Shard Weekly today. Opponent's board was 3 Dreamsmoke Divas and 1 Grape of Wrath. Opponent played Consult the Talon exhausting 2 of the divas. Opponent should have gotten picks from all 3 divas plus draw cards from Consult. I played Blaze of Glory (modified by Runic Upheaval) on the Grape of Wrath and on Opponent. Opponent couldn't respond to this action, even after relogging twice.

  • Oh wait I still can't play after a week.

  • Wrong Turn with no board

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    My opponent tried to play Wrong Turn with no board. He relogged twice and couldn't get it to resolve. His turn started at around 20 minutes, but he didn't timeout until he was down to 11 minutes on his clock.

  • Why can't we get an official response if this is a bug or not? I just lost a round in the bash since I assumed Blaze of Glory would work as written since its not in the known bugs section and didn't realize I'm supposed to search every post on this forum to learn what cards are bugged.

  • I played Runic Candescence in game 1 of round 1 of the Arcanum vault. It got stuck on the resolve screen after I picked a candelkin. I re-logged twice and it wouldn't resolve (but I did get the candlekin). After the 2nd re-log my opponent was shown as disconnected but my clock was running. I tried to concede twice (to avoid a round loss) and nothing happened. Eventually my clock ran out and I lost the round.

  • Does this mean pod drafting is back?

  • Why stop at 20 on turn 4, when you can do 30? Turn 1: Badger Turn 2: Spellsong Sweeties Turn 3: Spellsong Sweeties + Frostform Spider Turn 4: Party Fungi + Badger Poor Frost Roc too slow even as a 3/1

  • How do tiebreakers work?

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    So the formula for T1 seems really dumb if it is supposed to be "strength of schedule". Why would you average the results of each opponent and then average the sum of those results? Wouldn't it make more sense to take total wins of all opponents divided by total games? Essentially the difference between 8 and 9 was: 8: 25-19 but 2 opponents had less than 33.33% win% so their averages were inflated. 57.48% using the formula. If you don't round up to 33.33% the % is 54.90%. 9: 25-17 no opponents w…

  • How do tiebreakers work?

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    How are tiebreakers applied in tournaments? I thought if people have the same record then it goes T1, T2, T3, but apparently it goes T1, T3, T2?