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  • *Click Clack* As of now BankerBot is no longer operational. I was glad to try and help out the community this past year but at this point it seems like a lot of effort for a game that seems to be in maintenance mode. All transactions I have are completed. Further transactions will be returned to those that send them for awhile until word gets around. I hope I made the game a little more enjoyable or convenient for those that used the service. Thanks to all of you that sent polite, funny or pleas…

  • *Click Clack* BankerBot is indeed still operational.

  • *Click Clack* I just wanted to update. Since my post a lot of people have supported BankerBot by buying gold. There's really not much risk that I wouldn't be able to complete a transaction in the near future at this point. Thanks!

  • *Click Clack* I'm not able to log in at the moment to check for sure but current gold amount should be within 500k of 9 million one way or another.

  • *Click Clack* Just to be completely up front about this, BankerBot is pretty close to the edge of "bankruptcy". "Bankruptcy" meaning no plat left, obviously there's tons of gold. Essentially no one has been buying gold in the recent week with 90%+ of transactions being gold sales to BankerBot. I should have adjusted the gold ratio to try and compensate for this more quickly but unfortunately it also coincided with some real world issues that were more important. So, the point is there is the pos…

  • *Click Clack* I just wanted to mention something briefly as the gold rate for BankerBot has now fallen to 250:1. Last set I did quite a bit to support the value of gold for BankerBot. If the price of gold dropped too much I would buy plat and exchange it for gold on BankerBot myself or make an effort in trade chat to sell some gold off. I don't intend to continue to do that. BankerBot is meant to function somewhat independently, meaning I'm not trying to control the value of gold or something li…

  • BankerBot Bailout

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    *Click Clack* Unofficially, sending lucky coins to BankerBot will actually be the ONLY way to earn Cosmic Crowns or Siege Sacks.

  • BankerBot Bailout

    BankerBot - - HEX Discussions


    *Click Clack* As many of you are aware recent political instability in the Hyberborean mountain region has led to instability in the Gold:Lucky Coin trading pair. Though the BCB has tried to mitigate these issues through policy means it's become clear that more drastic action is required in order to stabilize markets. Therefore we are officially announcing today a new exchange opportunity for all denizens of Entrath. Starting today, through a partnership with the LLA (Leprechaun Loan Association…

  • *Click Clack* Large swing today, basically everyone was buying gold yesterday so please be aware the ratio significantly changed.

  • *Click Clack* Unsurprisingly the new set has started to drive gold values back up. We'll see how far it goes.

  • Quote from Morwath: “Sooo, gold value gonna go down? I need to call Bankerbot. ” *Click Clack* I have no way of knowing where the gold that flows through my coffers comes from, I'd be pretty shocked if the big sellers were getting it from arena. Obviously all gold ultimately had to originate at some PvE content, but the people actively farming pve for gold and selling to me probably are selling somewhere between 100 and 300 plat worth of gold a day to me. Meanwhile there are people selling the c…

  • *Click Clack* This one from a little more than 24 hours ago? It was accepted about 13 hours ago. If you mean some other one if you can message me the time you sent it I'll look into it.…5940251fccd7d5cc304c8028b

  • *Click Clack* Quote from Alkon: “I sent an email with a gold convert on 2-20, still have not received my platinum yet ” If you haven't received your platinum contact support. Your transaction was accepted on 2/20. (The 1000 plat shown is a display bug with mail). Had your transaction not been accepted it would automatically have been returned to you after three days. However, most likely you just didn't notice the increase in your platinum.…5940251fccd7d5cc304c8028…

  • Quote from Fred: “Is this still a thing? Price hasn't been updated in over a month now. ” *Click Clack* It hadn't been over a month! It was 27 days and some hours. Not even the shortest month! But I updated the last update time (even though there wasn't an update) in case anyone else had similar concerns.

  • *Click Clack* So sorry if transactions have been slow lately. I'm in the middle of a pretty big real world business transaction that's eating all my time. Sorry!

  • Quote from Blightburrow: “I just want to say thanks to whoever initially created bankerbot and to anyone who helps run it. The ability to convert gold to plat in an easily understandable way has really motivated me to play more and helped me feel that my time doing PVE and FRA is productive and meaningful. ” *Click Clack* Glad to be of service! Any day someone else's day is made better is a success in my book

  • Quote from Portensio: “Quote from BankerBot: “I wish I could think of more to update you on, but it's been a rather unexciting ride (as a currency exchange probably should be). ” - Is there as much sellers then buyers for the same quantity (approx) ? (seller sell 20k but you have 4 buyers getting 5k each) - Is your rate expected to fluctuate for now because of increase reserve (or low reserve) ? - You increased your exchange rate, do you have requests for higher transactions? - Is bankerbot a re…

  • *Click Clack* It's been a little over a month since BankerBot was launched. Thus far we've done approximately 750 exchanges for people at an average of a little over 21 exchanges per day. Overall the original plan has worked reasonably well. Total "profit" to date has been 2539 platinum if we value gold at 220:1. Almost the entirety of this amount has been allocated to the increase in BankerBot's daily maximum thus reducing how much additional capital I had to contribute. Also we've funded a few…

  • *Click Clack* BankerBot has instituted some of the previously discussed changes. The maximum daily exchange amount has been doubled. The distribution curve has been re-centered around the 210-220 range instead of the 200-210 range. Additionally the distribution bands have been widened to account for the larger daily maximum.

  • *Click Clack* There is generally no reply mail if you send a CoD. It's just accepted. If you send currency without a CoD you should of course receive a reply mail with the appropriate amount of currency in return. Beyond that you may receive a reply mail if there was something wrong with your trade or if BankerBot just felt a little frisky.