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  • Actually

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    Quote from Blitzkind: “Quote from GryphonGardens: “Google translation is reasonably readable. I still do not understand why to use blockchain though (other then as a buzzword). ” When I looked into another game that used it, the idea was that even if the game went belly up, you still had some value to sell in cryptocurrency. Not sure how true that statement is, as I've never dipped into any of it (Even though I was aware of it when BTC was 60 USD, stupid stupid me) but it seems like a decent way…

  • Quote from Shylba: “Missed the contest, but liked it so much that I had to get in a few late entries. Janklet 1 [no threshold] Artifact troop 3/3 Jank - Deckbuilding: Minimum deck size increased by 5. Fields of Jank 2 [no threshold] Artifact Deploy - Summon a copy of this for each opposing champion. Jank - Deckbuilding: Minimum deck size increased by 5. At the end of your turn, draw a card and put a random card from your deck into a random opposing champion's deck. The increases would be cumulat…

  • Quote from Mattmanhex: “Name: Papa Yeti Cost: 5 Type: Troop - Yeti Speed, Crush Deckbuilding: You may include one copy of this in your deck for each copy of Mama Yeti in your deck. When a Yeti you control attacks, it deals 1 damage to the player it's attacking. 6/6 ” Makes sense! Quote from SlayerStronghold: “we only seem to have troops - Ingenious Overcharge 4 Quick Action Deckbuilding: your deck must contain at least 20 artifacts. Draw 7 cards. Ingenious Overcharge deals 3 damage to you for ea…

  • Thank you for your entries! Here are my comments: Quote from Mattmanhex: “Name: Vinci, Outcast of Nulzann Cost: 5 <no thresholds> Type: Artifact, Troop - Construct *Unique* Socketable Major Deckbuilding: You can include this in your deck only if it contains no other socketable cards. Deploy: Each other creature in your deck and hand not named "Vinci, Outcast of Nulzuun" gets all socketable powers of this. 5/5 ” A stronger and shardless version of Destined to Lead with a nice 5 / 5 body, and affe…

  • The Rules: Design cards that meet the design constraints listed below. The entry I like best wins the competition. Multiple entries are allowed. In addition to the listed prize, the winner gets to host the next contest, and they get to set their own design constraint and award prizes of their own choosing. Design Constraint: Design a card with a deckbuilding restriction in its effects text. Examples: Jank Bot, Emsee, Etcher of Nulzann, Mama Yeti, and so on. See rewards section for and exhaustive…

  • @Arcanyx: I think you forgot to update the deadline in the topic title. Purifier of Desecrated Remains 1 Common TROOP - Human Cleric If a Necrotic would die, void it, then create 2 diamond shards and put them into your hand instead. 0 / 3

  • What's in your Siege Sack?

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    Quote from Talekith: “Please if you get mercenaries from the Siege Packs, could you screenshot them here? ” Here you go (better late than never): 18052508505314650715729586.jpg 18052508505414650715729587.jpg

  • As a minor improvement, I think you could replace 4 Diamond Shards by Brewed Ambrosias in Clerical Error. It might not seem like it, but since about half of your cards require 2 thresholds, each Brewed Ambrosia would bring 1.9 diamond thresholds on average when played (assuming the AI doesn't mess up, but I think it plays them correctly). It would allow the Daughter of the Poet to do her thing a bit earlier.

  • Siege - Listing of 60 shard decks

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    Quote from Darkwonders: “The funny thing is Hex can't do a thing about it apart from banning people ” I'm sure they can find a solution. For instance, they could add a retry timer, preventing people from retrying a siege for, say, 30 minutes after they have conceded or lost to it, without affecting those who haven't attempted to attack it. (Is this the kind of timer your are thinking of? Since I think it would definitely work to some extent.)

  • In such situations, clicking where the "ok" button of the message window should be generally works for me (even if it is covered by another window).

  • Quote from CoSVII: “Is the OP asking for something like this 2014 Q&A with Corey Jones? ” "AI is being worked on by Chris, and it will be very challenging." For Chris or for the player?

  • Quote from Eraia: “1) Searching is extremely inefficient and imprecise. (Try searching for Vampire Prince) ” This is not entirely true in my opinion. What the user provides is actually a regular expression (that feature is undocumented as far as I know). While the search applies both to the card name and its text, generally using the beginning (^) and end ($) of string meta-characters is enough to match a specific card name. For instance, "Vampire Prince$" does not match "Vampire Princess" (and …

  • Eye Spy

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    It's very nice, but could you remove the Hex logo?

  • Thanks for the contest! Quote from Eraia: “Same basic feedback as Shylba's, since it's quite similar. It needs some sort of upside. Why would you want to play a 'resource you've already played' in stead of just having another of that resource in your deck? ” My intent was to design something that would increase the consistency of decks relying on the effect a particular non-standard (and therefore limited) resource, such as Primal Essence, Brewed Ambrosia, Permafrost, etc. The synergy with Prima…

  • Past the deadline, so I guess my entry doesn't count. But since I had an idea, I thought I may as well post it. Reverberating Shard Rare Resource <0/0> Play target resource from your played resources zone. EDIT: Never mind, it's basically Shylba's idea with less RNG.

  • Sieging with BroomBot

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    Quote from Vylokx: “(Hidden Content) ” Maybe the player's champion has to transform before the battle ends?

  • I would second the idea of a system similar to Final Fantasy XII gambits. I've made some mock ups of what it could look like. We would first need a "set AI hints" button located next to the "set personality" button, like this: 18022504353414650715579214.jpg Clicking on this button would open a window with a set of rules that constrain what the AI should do. Example: 18022504354614650715579215.jpg Here, we say that unless playing Chaotic Murmurs likely wins the game (in which case it should be pl…

  • I've no strong opinion on whether OP's concern is valid or not, but I'd like to comment on the ability to replay private matches. Maybe something like this would be acceptable: - Everyone (once the feature is out of beta) is able to see the public games from everyone else. - Everyone is able to see their own private games. - Otherwise, private games do not appear in other people's replay lists, nor are findable by other people through search/filtering. - Each game is identified by a cryptographi…

  • Quote from Ossuary: “All mercenary passives are broken in the campaign. Is that new? ” Yes, I can confirm that they were working before the patch. HexEnt is aware of the issue, it seems.

  • Card Templates

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    If think the font used on cards is Nimbus Sans Bold and Nimbus Sans Bold Italic. More specifically, according to my experiments, if you are using a 750×1050 template: - The card title should be 54px Nimbus Sans Bold (unless it is too long, in which case the font is smaller) - The card type and card text should be 28px Nimbus Sans Bold - The flavor text should be 18px Nimbus Sans Bold Italic Custom card examples using those font settings: (Hidden Content)