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  • Quote from Arkansaw: “First they came for the PvE backers, next went the PvP...only then the streamers start to question their purpose ” what?

  • That is just one way to see it. I see it like this, games where people engage, make good content, show enthusiasm flourish. Other games not so much. Of course this also needs support by the company to make it work properly but also from the community. The vocal and loud majority here does the opposite and the game is in decline. This is not supposed to say that only the players/community are at fault far from it. But the overall underappreciation of the content that is created from hex or conten…

  • Quote from Vroengard: “I have to repeat @'Cernz''s observation regarding community activity. The forums are crawling, compared to before. Reddit activity is also down. And even if we didn't have many streamers anyway, the dead periods when no one is streaming Hex are getting longer and longer. And, in all honesty, losing the people that have been invested and stuck with the game through 5 years of difficulties is huge. The newer players are far easier to leave without another thought on a second…

  • Also f2p beats p2p 3 times with turns nice value

  • Quote from Morwath: “Quote from omoreindakitchen: “Quote from cainhu: “Quote from Transience: “That has nothing to do with development. And balance is certainly not a goal of any merry melee mode. But didn't they already ban the problem cards? I think so, so what is the problem? ” Did they? I haven't seen an update. ” They did, but only announced it via twitter. ” I may be weird, but all info should be avalible on official site rather than some random twatter. ” I would prefer ingame over that, …

  • Happy birthday Hex, for more good years to come!

  • Quote from Jangles: “If multiple people are complaining about something then it's a persistent issue, if I'm finding the majority of the rounds I play in my gaming session result in poor RNG then that's not just complaining about one game. Here is a fun example I've been monitoring, the RNG on Ethereal Healers. 5% to put in to play per heal source, four in deck, that means a D20 is rolled four times per heal source. I had 8 Daylights in play, two Adamnthian Scrivener's and a Shoku's garden in pl…

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    I appreciate the constructive feedback. Likes and posts are not too important. However the forums emit a general notion of rejection. And when threads of almost exclusive negative nature get thousands of views and hundres of comments, that just feels off. If my series will be an ongoing thing which I am still kinda figuring out for myself I can see an ongoing thread at some point with an introduction and regular updates, so I will keep this in mind..

  • New Articles on Vestris's Blog

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    Ali and Traxym convince me to go ahead with what I am doing so here you go: Hex Bash Aftermath Episode 4:…bash-aftermath-episode-4/ Introducing Immortal Tears by Prismatic Conclave…ortal-tears-by-prismatic/

  • I know that. But Dogpile is the experiment for actions how it would be if actions had crush. And for that it falls flat in my oppinion. So thats why I am asking for clarification from the design department.

  • Well that is simple. It is by far the best and most beautiful cardgame out there, like not even close in my oppinion. While being relatively easy to get into when you have some CCG/TCG background, hard to master and very intense on a high level.

  • I know. But this card should reflect how crush works on an action without it actually having crush as that does only work with combat damage. However the current implentation does not count as crush all of the time but only if the target is still around, which is not how crush works. So therefore my two questions, is this how it is actually supposed to be or is it a design flaw. If it is supposed to work this way the engine and you are correct and the card is terrible for constructed as it can b…

  • The dogs are created when the blighknight has 0 defense, so the damage is dealt he is dead but still considered on the field. However this still does not answer the is it supposed to be like this question.

  • Dogpile cannot create gnolls before dealing the damage which is a distinct difference. So that is false for Dogpile however that is not the intention of the question I know how it works atm. But is that how it is supposed to work and if so it might need some reconsideration if more actions like that should be created in the future.

  • Push! Also another question that I forgot in my initial post. If you Dogpile a Blight Knight you get 0 gnolls because of Blight Knights Passive as he is considered in Play while being destroyed by the action. Is that how it is supposed to work?

  • Also mtga does not even offer real drafts.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Ali Eldrazi though in the past 10 days only 1/3 of his videos are for Hex. 2/3 are for MTGA. I think he was affected by the Bash reward changes and the artistgate Mustache Magic Marty Punker Vestris Hex is non-existent by Twitch standards. ” Ali wasn't affected by anything else than that he is doing this for a living and Hex viewership is very small. Traxym SargonVito All of us do this semi regularly when we have time mostly. Traxym always gives updates on his twitter and …

  • This will not resolve your issue but if constants bother you and until this is resolved you can use cards that do more than that. Like Chomposaur, Rotting Chompknight or try cards that don't target like Scouring Light. However I would still try those options in the Siege practicemode.

  • Friday Update Update! 5.25.18

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    Quote from Gregangel: “ Quote from Sadystik: “The artist who started to protest said himself on the facebook post he made that they got paid, what else do you all want beyond that ? ” So yeah we want much more than that rude comment. A real answer which adress the state of the game topic. Not this copy paste of this friday update. ” Please speak for yourself or name specifically who we refers too.

  • Epic Spell Warz - First Thoughts

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    As I said for some of them there are fringe cases in which you can have a good time with them.