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  • Quote from ReluxTheRelux: “No new info in over a year. None of the owed prize money was paid either. ” Colour me shocked to the core.

  • Lack of news

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    Quote from AceBladewing: “Quote from SaintVicarious: “Indeed. That, or at least let us run private servers, so we aren't completely cut off from singleplayer content when the studio invariably folds. ” Why would they do that? There's literally nothing in it for them to spend the time and effort doing that. ” Sell it as an option. One last minute rush of income.

  • Lack of news

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    Quote from Obsidian: “I only hope at some point CZE decides to sell Hex to someone that'll do something with it. The potential is so great. ” Indeed. That, or at least let us run private servers, so we aren't completely cut off from singleplayer content when the studio invariably folds.

  • HEX Done

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    Quote from Ertzi: “Is someone still playing this game?? Lulz I guess. ” I considered popping back in the other day, see if there's any desperate sales on the Auction House. But then I remembered Total Warhammer still exists and played that instead.

  • Quote from Utremeld: “Quote from STRAYA: “current offer $250 ” Where are you people getting these offers? Is Cory using an alt account to try and buy up collections before he announces set 10? ” I'm also curious about that. In its heyday, I could understand dropping triple digits (Not that I'd ever do that myself, but to each their own). But dropping that kind of coin on a game that has a realistic chance of being shuttered next week? Who does that?

  • How many Canadian Pesos?

  • "How much?" -He asked in the shiftiest voice possible

  • Yeah, a price would be super handy! If it's super cheap? Maybe! If it's not? Definitely not!

  • Quote from iwannabeEuropean: “What's the difference between hex and vegetative people? ” Vegetative people are more fun to spend time with! ...Was this not the lead for a joke?

  • Man, I'm glad these forums haven't lost their sense of humour after all these years of neglect.

  • So... Still nothing for those of us who play singleplayer, eh? Happy New Year Another Unchanged Year!

  • Quote from Obsidian: “Seriously? Let's imagine you're planning on buying some packs at some point, ever. The up front $20 cost is just those packs. So you're not paying twice, you're paying up front. Let's imagine you had no intention of buying packs at all. You're paying $20 for access to unlimited free phantom drafts, which is a better deal than you'll find in any other digital card game I've ever seen. You either buy packs, in which case you were going to spend that $20 anyways, or never buy …

  • Quote from Obsidian: “Man, everyone's so angry they have to pay for their games*. Almost everyone leaving a negative review just wants to grind gameplay for cards at whatever crawl Valve sets. Valve respected their customer's time by making a no-grind, no BS game and they're getting slammed for it in reviews. "Artifact just wants all the money!" while a playset of every card in the game's like, $200. And that's on release. As more packs get opened, cost of cards is going to plummet. It's ridicul…

  • Quote from Goliathus: “Quote from Ossuary: “Plus when the final desperate clinger finally gives up and leaves too, they can get a nice last meal out of the potato. ” Now I truly understand why they want the game to die. I would do anything to get a taste of the potato ASAP. ” ...Anything? *Unzips fly* *Pulls a potato out* Gimme $20.

  • Quote from Pentachills: “No matter what happens, at least we know this thread will live on. ” At least until an admin kills it. =P

  • Quote from Plotynus: “The current situation we're seeing is not because PvE. It's because mismanagement. The current downhill it's because the artistgate + the update from Cory. People stopped playing because the discussion now it's not if the game will grow or not, but when they will shut down the game. And that shift relies mostly on how HXE decided to handle the current crisis. ” You speak as though they're two different issues. PvE negligence and mismanagement were two sides of the same (Kis…

  • Quote from DetectiveHexCrux: “Here's my point: if Cory, as the president of Hex, wishes for Hex to continue down its horribly bleak path of business-suicide, that's his maddeningly, seemingly illogical prerogative. ” Two things: Don't like your own posts, it's sad. =P I don't think any of us discount that Hex's future is entirely Cory's choice. We're just more concerned that it is his choice, because his decision-making has been strangling the life out of the game and community for years on end …

  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this thread is coming up on its anniversary and yet there remains exactly as much info now as there was when it started. That is almost inspirational how negligent it is. Quote from Hidden: “@Mokog said just about everything I wanted to say (and better than I would have said it), but I would like to add two quick things... 1) I still feel like calling his last forum post an open declaration of hostility to the players is the same as saying he's doing …

  • Quote from Hibbernathy: “Quote from Eraia: “Quote from Hibbernathy: “So I guess I don't get to see raids? ” In Hex? I won't say the chance is 0%... but... it's pretty close. ” Ha, at least I am not alone here. The forum has a huge echo to it, much like our guild forums. As in: You come into an empty cathedral-like room and only silence and cobwebs are there to greet you... Then, suddenly, out of a corner, a single ghastly figure shambles towards you: "Arrrgghhh, grrrrr, pppplayyyy?" ” It's prett…

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from GryphonGardens: “They put plenty of resources into PVE, see all the PVE cards and equipment. It is due to mismanagement that the results are so pathetic. ” You are wrong because you fail to see that being stuck in a 15x15ft room and given a new pair of shows every 4 months IS NOT something a running enthusiast would appreciate. I guaran-fucking-tee you that if we had 50% as many PvE cards & equipment and 33% more PvE content, PvE players would be happier. ” I me…