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  • In response to the above survey. You and I know that this whole initiative starts and ends with HexEnt`s willingness to actually listen to feed-back and make MEANINGFUL changes for the betterment and the health of the game. In all honesty we wouldn´t have to tell them to conduct a survey. In a perfect world they would have done this years ago (and frequently). Dude I honestly feel the whole discussion will never find a meaningfull ending. So many smart community members take time out of their da…

  • I believe at this point it would be more beneficial for everyone involved if we had some kind of Q&A or AMA stream with the developers to openly talk about the approach they want to take with the game. Surveys like the one Epic conducted are honestly only possible because they have a clear understanding of their playerbase and play directly into their own strenghts. In short those surveys exist primarily to expand their scope and not to reassess it because seemingly everything Fortnite does work…

  • Do you guys think that HexEnt is comfortable/satisfied with the player numbers they currently have and the pace they are updating the game? After specifically the console release it seemed to me that they don`t feel the necessity to even advertise a new "product" let alone a new set release to the general public. First impressions always matter and like @SlimHeavens already mentioned why would I bother putting time and money into this game with so many "problems" (speaking from an outsider persp…

  • Set 9 Chest Info

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    Te'talca, High Inquisitor, Gargoyle Lurker and Te'talca, High Inquisitor are Frostring Arena rewards. I believe I saw Search the Catacombs being rolled as a chest reward on Scammanators stream.

  • A cheaper Massacre? Awesome

  • Alright. So I reminded Ne0 on stream today about my giveaway prize and he sent it to me. I dont know if he did the same for the rest of you guys when he send me my prize but I would recommend you to ask him on stream and he will likely/hopefully do it then. I guess he had a lot to do and maybe forgot about them. Anyway, it worked for me and I am hoping you guys get your giveaway prizes soon too

  • Yeah. I am still waiting. I am going to ask Neo this weekend again. Who else is missing their prizes?

  • I am going to log in too guys. You are not alone . But back on topic. Would have loved to have one more shot at a good Fight Night run before i resell some stuff but thats totally fine. This is really not an ideal situation for people who have actual tight scheduals. Its gonna be easier for me than for others but yeah it is unfortunately like this now. And it kinda makes sense for Hex Ent to release everything before Thanksgiving.

  • Halleluja. Praise be BankerBot. This is excellent as a reliable trading source. Looking forward to trading with you regularly. Edit: that was really quick. Like a well-oiled machine. Bravo

  • Quote from Infamousneo: “It's been sent, check your twitch inbox. Charity raffle prizes have been drawn, Colin won all of them but let me reroll to new winners Congrats.…uFoC2lmo/edit?usp=sharing ” I have checked it. I did not receive anything. Did you perhaps type my name wrong? Just in case -> Twitch: P0wderedT0astMan

  • Maybe I misunderstood things but I still have yet to receive my giveaway price from SilentSnakes` stream. Did you send those prizes out too or do I just have to wait?

  • Hey Transience. Could I have the Crackling Bolts, Ardent Officer, Warparty Guide and Rotcall? Useful cards for PvE Thank you very much