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  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Tcgbrowser been always exactly same important what game self. Cant play Hex without tcgbrowser. Its always on when play game. We need it

  • Some1 already dropped Participant requirement from 16 to 4. So guessing about same amount clicks needed to drop VIP ticket requirement from it also

  • Could u remove need of VIP tickets from this tournament? I have those still tons, but most of ppl dont have and they cant join, because those not available in store anymore. This need to happen now.....plz

  • u need start bidding from somewhere, so offering 10$.

  • Quote from Bottlegnomez: “Hi mate, I got over 90% AAs which you are looking for, but I only accept paypal. Could you please tell me the price you are offering for those valueable AAs like vampire prince x4 vampire princess x4, massacre x4 ....etc ” invited u to conversation. talk there more. And in my wishlist isnt vampire princess. that look so cool that bought playset them really early. Maybe even best looking card in whole game =)

  • Sent msg to u in conversations

  • sent msg to u in conversations

  • Still missing some cards from game that have everything playset. So here is link to my wishlist. Help me get last missing cards.!/cards/wishlist=18430 Paying plats and gold fair price and might pay even $ with paypal if really cheap. IGN BabyBananaDaoc

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

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    Does everything in pve must be F2P? Maybe there is already enough F2P content. Az3 is expansion. Expansions often cost money. So it could cost something in Hex also. But then it must be enough big expansion that ppl will pay for that. and it can get patches what makes it bigger and are part of that and dont cost more. I'm just throwing some numbers, because i dont have any clue what ppl would pay for Az3 But it could be like 20$ or 3000p or 5 000 000M gold So if buy that expansion with dollars. …

  • I been dreaming about fun based dungeon. Atm kind of must play boring decks in FRA, that feels that i'm not wasting time. Most fun there comes from getting loot end of dungeon and see what drops kismet gives. I liked that its hard until i finished it first 10 times. Then tried play something different and have fun and i got only half of it done. Even i got more fun by playing fun decks i same time had less fun, cause felt i wasted time, cause got lots less loot. In campaign I like that can use m…

  • Worst patch notes ever. I was excited when started read them and was happy about everything until read slaughtergear and crowd roars nerf. After that i just became so sad that forgot all good things. Expensive cards should be OP. And even they are OP, they dont speed farming much. Cause there is so much options for fast decks. All fast cards use weapon slot equipment and u can choose only 1 of those. As backerslacker i never got free any of those awesome KS cards and equips. I had to pay huge to…

  • Its working now. Good job =)

  • Should that download loop been fixed? I'm still in loop. Trying to downloading or checking patcher hex_cards_us.xml and statellst.txt happens with both computers with win 7 and win 10 I finally went infinite in hex. Too bad its in downloading it =P

  • Quote from BirthingPodder: “You could also make friends with other players you consider your equal to playtest with. I understand that isn't what you are asking for, but it is a reasonable way to accomplish the goal you are looking for. ” I been doing that, but it isnt same and dont work enough good and also it take lots more time and that friend is online and then that friend cant play that deck how i want. so it just dont work enough good.

  • Quote from Galliard: “I'm not sure the UI could ever really support this. Right now the best that can be managed is that Kickstarter backers are permitted an extra account per code. And as long as you're not in a tournament or otherwise doing anything that would count as colluding if you were two people, you could play both accounts simultaneously. ” I'm KS player so in theory i could do that, but that is so important ability, that it should be basics and all ppl could use it. Its wrong if need …

  • I posted several months ago about decktesting ability. Nothing happened. So i ask again. As constructed player deckbuilding takes most of my time and its also most fun. Thats why I need to deckbuilding new practice button and there option to choose play self both sides. Then also choose self planned deck to both sides. Friends can only copy deck what i planned, but they cant ever play it way how i want. Also often i dont have friends online who got time or even cards to make deck what i planned.…