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  • Corporal Hadrians charge power "Get moving" gives a random card in your hand mobilize. This works, but the key word "Mobilize" doesn't turn up on the card so you have to guess which one is affected. This is true at least when cards that already have Mobilize are affected. I haven't been able to try it on cards that doesn't have Mobilize before I use the power.

  • Two things happened when I fought Kuul'dag just now: 1. His Scrapyard Dynamo looked like a 1/1 Wild infusion Device. 2. The picture on his Scrapyard Recyclatron looked very weird.…a49be4ee89a87a1ee00ebd29e…a49be4ee89a87a1ee00ebd29e When rightclicking the clards to inspect them they looked normal. My scrapyard dynamos looked normal as well

  • A generally useful weapon of mass destruction is Purging Flames. You can get it from grinding one of the previous dungeons. The Ardent specific one with all the Necrotic enemies in it.

  • Scraptooth Crusher

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    I use an upgraded Corporal Hadrian to beat him. Mainly with Cloudbounders, Phoenix Guard Lancers, Royal Halberdiers, Chimeerkat + equip, Portsmeare Guards and some Conceals to get the ground troops past the walls.

  • Apart from packing enough removal to get rid of his elemental quickly I'd consider adding some dreadling generators. You have a lot of cards that benefit from spiders spawning, particularly Zilth and generating dreadlings every turn will keep his Zombie population down. I like Bitter Dread + equipment with my Vennen Warrior. I can't seem to link to it but its a conscript card that gives you a cost three underworld troop that generates dreadlings equal to its attack every turn. One equipment drop…

  • What am I doing wrong?

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    My first character was a human mage, and while I didn't had anything to compare with at the time I still like him enough to play with him from time to time. Anyway a card I found useful early on with him, and I guess with any mage that needs to overcome the problem of low starting health was "Chimeerkat", with the equip "Mane of the Chimeerkat". Thats a cheap 3/2 (cost 2) that gets two random keywords of Flight, Lifedrain or Swiftstrike on deployment. Its usually available at the AH for reasonab…

  • I may be stupid, but I gladly cough up 30000 gold to spin a Legendary chest. Most of the stuff in the Kismet pack are stuff that you don't want anyway so they might as well be blank. They should publish the probabilities for various outcomes when spinning though. Legislation in Europe is about to make that mandatory anyway if they want to market the game here.

  • What makes Sister so powerful is the fact that the AI can't handle her Protect the herd ability at all. It simply doesn't take it into account so the AI-opponent just wastes spells and powers that do damage. I'll gladly use her in the final Kukatan fight even though her ability protects the big zombie from ground attacks as it all but nullifies the champion power of the goblin, and still damages the zombie when it uses it. It would still be more fun if the AI could handle things like that though…

  • I was going to farm a dungeon before leaving for work today, but when I entered it I recieved the error message that my deck was invalid, and was taken to the editor. Both main and mercenary decks was legal when I checked so I left the editor, but the encounter spots were absent from the dungeon. Instead of my usual lvl 15 dwarf cleric and his party icons in the lower right corner there was a lvl 1 bunny guy. I assume that the dungeon checked for his non-existent deck, and decided that bunnyman …

  • Two questions

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    Hi people! I have played through the PvE-campaign and started to look at the Gauntlets while I'm waiting for more content there. I have one problem there, which already has cost me a few duels, and that is that the game never stops to give me priority during the opponents turn before he declares his attack. This is sort of disastrous if for example you have a strategi that depends on exhausting an opponents troops before he can attack. I assume that there is a setting for this somewhere but I'll…