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  • 1M gold giveaway

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    IGN: Fomies Woot! Free money, time to gamble! uh... I mean of course I'll use it responsibly.

  • AZ2 Bounty 8: Elf Focus

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    Class: Mage Talents: - Spry - Affinity: Mages - Learn Spell: Telekinesis - Learning - Open Mind - Secret Knowledge - Self Knowledge - Learn Spell: Chaos Missile - SP Boon - SP Buff - Learn Spell: Magic Barrier Decklist: Resources: - 4x Feralroot Acorn - 4x Ruby Ice - 2x Ruby Shard - 4x Well of Savagery - 4x Wild Ice - 2x Wild Shard Troops: - 4x Artisanal Sommelier - 4x Feralroot Archdruid - 4x Mightsinger of Ages - 2x Nerissa - 4x Voice of the Ashwood - 4x Artisanal Cheesesmythe - 4x Festival Ba…

  • I think it would be better to use the minor Swiftstrike gem instead of the Gladiator one. You lose 4 damage on turn two but after Xocoy is reverted on turn 3 he can still safely attack. Also if you face Vargar with a 3/3 flyer (due to her charge power) on turn two you aren't stuck waiting for it to wear off.

  • One thing I added was putting in a Feralroot Jaguar along with Xocoy to get him out of Scrap Bomb range. Also I made a version for a Human warrior but mine isn't level 15 so I haven't actually tested it yet. Your need to use 4 mercs to get Xocoy's cost to 0 so you can pull him out of the deck and play him on the same turn. Only Corporal Hadrian does a cost reduction of 2 but there are 3 more that can reduce costs by 1 Gax, the Sly Roller, Khafra, and Puck, the Dreambringer . I switched to A warr…

  • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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    I've been testing out a new mono Ruby Mage deck. I've done well with it in it's current configuration but I think it might still need work. Consistency is high and and the overall kill speed can be very fast at times but it does have ways of going long.!/deck=252686 Some of the key cards are only good due to their equipment so you might think they are odd choices if you have not tried them equipped before. Ricochet Blast is an all star often clearing an entire enemy board. S…

  • Thank you all for the feedback. I've made some changes to the deck as I used it to work through some mercs and I wanted to see if I could get an non elf version for other warriors. One helpful addition was removing a Xocoy and adding a Feralroot Jaguar. This way Xocoy has enough health to survive Scrap Bomb and deals enough to kill Scutt by himself. CoachFliperon did you select The War Machine talent instead of Old War Wounds? I know it's a pain and the card actually killed me once when I drew i…

  • It works fine. I've been testing to see if Corporal Hadrian's effect might go on to Old War Wounds since I wasn't sure if it was in the deck before his ability triggers. I have yet to draw a Xocoy without Mobilize after about 12 attempts. Twice now I had a chance to see both Xocoy and they both had Mobilize so I think this is safe. It is NOT true if you go for The War Machine talent instead of Old War Wounds. And a Warrior's Guilt could really mess up your play so no free wall either.

  • I've tried the new fateweave decks for dungeon clears but all the messing around with off color shards really slows you down. I found this a little faster. You have to be playing an Elf Warrior for it to work. Mercs are Corporal Hadrian and Zurxathil. Third slot can be anyone you want to get Mercenary Challenge node for. Talents required are Training:Combat Reinforcements Training: Deployment Training: Tactics Blacksmithing Old War Wound Commander Warrior Class Gems Warlord: Agility (This can be…

  • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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    I haven't had a lot of time to play so I decided to reuse an old shell I really liked. I'm made some changes as well due to testing. The main objective is to play Angel of Foresight (which has both equipment) then start creating a huge number of copies eventually while countering or bouncing everything the opponent does. It rarely wins quickly but it does win a lot except against the fastest starts.!/deck=243317 C - B A - A S - S H - A Some changes that might be improvements…

  • I used the "Create Conversation" but I'm not actually sure what it does so I thought I should at least reply in case it does something else. I don't actually post on the forums much. My IGN is also Fomies I hope you got a change to try out the deck. I've made some small changes since I posted it mostly due to giving up on getting double prismatic. It is fun when you get to draw from the enemy deck but really it's total overkill.

  • Funny thing is I'm not really happy with my Helm and Glove equipment in my current deck. I might still run 2 Daarmak but finding space for 4 Cartomancy will be easy. Also trying to get to double prismatic to allow drawing from the opponent's deck is fun but I generally win before then so I could ease up on threshold generation.

  • Here is my Xarhrax Deck. Best possible draw is a turn 1 activation of Lady Cassandra for 3 thresholds then Sepulchra Crypt Dust for a fourth and playing Forgotten Monarch for 1 resource. Feel free to ditch troops to the Cerebral Jack-hat so Midnight Shepherd can put them into play for free. The best target is of course Daarmak. I wish I didn't have to play 4 Daarmak but sadly equipped Starving Lich do not count for Xarhrax's deck construction rules even if they are still great.…

  • Well this is confusing. I wanted to try an Elf Warrior to test out the Xocoy deck so I'm leveling one. I go to this node and lost the first try with my hero, won the second using Ashasha but no unlock. I went to get the two free cards from the nearby Shrooms and decided to try again. I had success with a Salty Sam deck previously so I decided to try him again. This worked again and I unlocked Sporeburg but I can't say why. It was a long messy fight where I bounced lots of his troops using charge…

  • I know a lot of this is just for fun but wouldn't Reginald Lancashire and Fifth Book of D'harsis make everything faster? I included equipped The Crowd Roars! in case the AI starts with a troop in play but about half of my Reggies have flying thanks to Spirit of the Triumvirate as a fellow merc depending on who else I'm testing with in the deck so he normally gets through fine.