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  • Quote from CoSVII: “You know if you ran leader Boards for Merry Melee with weekly rewards you might see more participants (after everyone already had the sleeves). But yea ... that would require effort. ” Effort is a funny way to spell dignity. They don't even have enough dignity to address the community, why would they even bother attempting to actually improve the game?

  • Oh look, another comment of mine deleted by dinobot. I'm starting to think they don't like me calling out their awful business practices.

  • I all want for Christmas is for this studio to die in the scorching fire of bankruptcy.

  • Legit question: If you're going to say jack all in the updates, what is the point of even making them?

  • Quote from Utremeld: “If anyone did a buy out and was interested in people to help work on lore and writing I would be more than happy to assist with things, as time allows. Its something that always bothered me and something I'd love the chance to address, although its a real shot in the dark for my unqualified ass so is anyone buying the property so...why not? ” There's what truly bugs me about hxe. Their fans are willing to do a major bit of the legwork for them, and for free at that. Yet the…

  • Quote from AxelDWater: “I like this topic regarding Kurtis and his wealthy friend.Let's say Hex gets a second chance. What should be changed? ” 1. Dev road map: A clear and detailed outline of what is being worked on for the game, how it is going to be implemented, and updated every month. 2. Ban list that actually matters: Do away with the watch list, (which is an excuse for hxe to be lazy) add a limited and semi limited category. (1 of's and two of's respectively.) update it monthly, and unila…

  • I kinda wish this game was bigger than it is. Not because I want it to make a come back, I just want to see it get torn apart by people like Jim Sterling, like this game and studio so richly deserve. It's gotten to the point where the ineptitude of this studio is actually impressive. *Awaits to be deleted by dinobot.*

  • Oh look my comment got deleted. Way to prove me wrong HEX en, you're an A+ company after all. Please enjoy your incoming bankruptcy, you cads.

  • IF this gets me banned, then so be it. I'm so god damn tired of this bullshit week after week. Do any of you dingbats actually think that giving the fan base the finger week after week is actually good for this game? Do you honestly think that telling the people who give you money absolutely nothing about what's going on, is going to get you return customers? Are you so dense, that you honestly cannot see the shit storm you've created? No one knows about you because you refuse to market the game…

  • Let's face it, we've all gone through the seven stages of grief with this game. It's time Hex Entertainment joins us in that final stage of acceptance, and let this thing die. HEX will forever remain the prime example of how to ruin a game and sink your company. It deserves every bit of the undignified death it's going to get.

  • I'm sorry Corey, but cry me a river. You brought all of this on yourself. You had an expereienced publisher on your side, you left them. You made a KS more ambitious then you had the funds to make work. You put your head in the sand and refused to listen to the people who bank roll you. You refused to market your game to new players, and thus your player base isn't large enough to make the money needed to run the game. All of these wounds are self inflicted, avoidable, and have stripped you of a…

  • I wasn't fabricating information, I was just saying that I feel some people are being targeted because of the things they post.

  • Well look at that, Dino removed more comments joking about other card games. Isn't that special? I'm starting to think I've gone on a list of people who get their comments/threads auto deleted, because I dare stand against our overlords.

  • Dino Watch

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    Dino comes online solely to delete threads and ban people. I don't think this comment has long for this world, and if I do end up getting another forum ban for no darn reason, then whatever man.

  • I hit enter by mistake. Hold on editing it now.

  • *note* (apparently my last "SCREW THIS!" post was deleted for being "off topic." So hopefully this is "on topic" now, so I don't get a ban for no d*** reason.) Also this isn't going to be as indepth as my deleted post is, because I'm too angry to actually detail myself like last time, plus I forgot a lot of what I said. ) The really short: I quit. The short: I quit, and HXE is the reason why. The long: So I was going to do a long drawn out and ranty post about this, but you know what? I don't ca…

  • Siege Currency Update

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    So you're not doing anything beyond superficial fixes? So Angus will still destroy 90% of attackers, because in comparison with defense they have to defend themselves with tooth picks and silly string? People are still going to get destroyed by hired horn cutthroat and his BS equipment, because you refuse to do anything to balance the absoulte ****storm that is siege? Once again this proves you don't actually care about the balance of the game, and it's at this point, that I'd like to inform you…

  • Siege is crap, there's no going around that. Everything is stacked towards the defender, because attackers are only allowed to use standard decks. That's like going to break into Fort Knox, armed with tooth picks and silly string. Second HEX en once again refuses to use the ban list to any meaninful degree, once again allowing all of three decks to be successful. Third, the nerfs that were made prior to siege mode were not nearly enough. Bury is still a power house, and ruby aggro is an absoulte…

  • I don't know why I expected any meaningful changes to the meta. Momentum and Rowdy still reign supreme and still clog up the top 10 spots in any standard event. The watch list has always been a complete waste of text, and it seems like the browns will win the super bowl before a problem card is banned. Yet HEX en wonders why it's sitting at mostly negative reviews on steam right now. I don't want to sound like I'm pointlessly bitching, but there are real problems in this game that aren't being d…

  • So instead of actually fixing a card that isn't working right, you're just going to change the text of the card to fit the way it currently works. Lazy thy name is HEX EN. This is just another in a long list of cop outs, that is dividing the community and causing players to leave the game. I'm sorry if this sounds inflammatory, but it's also a fact. If this pisses someone in HEX EN off, and not the fact that their cards aren't working as intended, well then that's really my point.