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  • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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    Post…263346a6c21939ed0e2af4ce5 I made a decent run with this one. Got two losses, one against Moonrise Elder Elite-he got a God hand- and one more don't remember. You have to combo off as early as possible. I got Myrym Elite at the end, epic match, but I guess Hogarth and Kha would be too difficult.

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  • Quote from RoyG: “The sleeves and AA cards look good. No other point at this time for me to play the game. ” Quote from Trenzalore: “It's always saddening me to see what an amazing art pool they still have left to use. As much as I enjoy playing Artifact, nothing compares to the art quality Hex had... ” Really? Reallyyy??! An already existing art? (Arcanum Vacuum) Why? Because you are out of available art? And because PS4ers can have PvE cards, so what they don't know can't hurt em? So now what?…

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  • Hello dear Hexers! I am looking to buy : Blade of Sekki First of the Host x3 Gold for 1000plat Plat or cash for equip and cards, pm with offers.

  • Quote from Babybananadaoc: “sent msg to u in conversations ” Quote from Gwynen: “Sent msg to you... ” I have sent also a long time ago

  • Excellent transaction! Super fast delivery! Thank you

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    Quote from AxelDWater: “Quote from AxelDWater: “ Holy Reprisal ” Or Sunlit Sentence with trinket equip for PvE. ” Or Dread End AA

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    AxelDWater - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from AxelDWater: “ Holy Reprisal ” Or Sunlit Sentence with trinket equip for PvE.

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    AxelDWater - - HEX Discussions


    Holy Reprisal

  • Personally I use the Wardens deck. It's the one with Lilygrove, Dormant one, Annihilix, Spectral Attendant, Rimeclaw, Zorath's Rectory etc. You can find many variations depending on your playstyle at

  • Quote from [PSN]Zimtstar1980: “I have 3 very good expensive decks on my ps4 account. 1. Judge deck 2. Momentum deck 3. Candlekin deck On normal matches they are strong. But on siege I allways lose !!! Its impossible to win. There are enemys, where every turn RULZ and every card they draw are good cards. Then one other SHIT FUCKIN thing: They have cards, that doesnt exist on ps4. I Think, cards with equip. That isnt fair, couse I cant upgrade cards on ps4 version. The enemys are to strong jet, wi…

  • Quote from Reeplay: “I don't know what to suggest honestly. I've built the same deck and it worked fine (having Flight+Swiftstrike and Lethal when you have a prismatic card in the wreckers since that's what I think is in the screenshot). Maybe rebuild the deck in a new deck and see if that works? I'm not sure. ” I had the same issue and it had to do with equips.

  • Quote from Falconiano: “Quote from Reeplay: “This is just a guess but are the gems Rickety Wrecker standard legal? I can't make them out from the screenshot. Otherwise try relogging after you save. ” Tried removing them entirely even, no avail. Relogged several times... I'll try making a new deck with different cards just to see if I'm even allowed to play Siege ” You must take off all equips from the deck selecting he FRA tab, then select STD tab and save again.

  • Quote from Illithid: “I am offering to join the development team part time and will gladly be willing to work for free until the company gets back on its feet. I have 10 years experience working in .net environments. I am a problem solver, known at my current company as the person to go to when no one else can find a solution. I have experience in all areas of software development with a focus in database, web services and framework development. I am passionate about this game and would love to …

  • Quote from Metronomy: “Mythgard is a promising card game (sadly promising means nothing on its own). We could also discuss that Kurtis mentioned on discord that he wants to buy up hxe. And no...I do not know more about it really. And no...I dont think anything will come of it or at least I dont think there is much hope left (if any). ” I like this topic regarding Kurtis and his wealthy friend. Let's say Hex gets a second chance. What should be changed?

  • Quote from [PSN]Zimtstar1980: “hello friends. Sorry for my bad english, but I come from germany and I try my best I have one question. I only play on PS4 and thats great. I am level 35 and in the Platin League. Last month I was in the cosmic Liga on place 29 ^^. I only use my Candle kin deck at this time and I find its great hehe... Okay now my question. So, I play Siege at the ps4 at this time. Its funny... but I readed, that I can create Siege. But not for the ps4 right? Now I had an Idea. Can…