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  • Quote from CoSVII: “So here is what the announcement says: First off, we’d like to remind everyone that the HEX Primal Immortal Championship is this Sunday. Be sure to get those tickets! You can visit for the latest information regarding this event. However - for some reason there may have a glitch with two tournaments schedulers and neither firing. Will it be rescheduled? What is the plan for the 12/16 immortal championship that didn’t fire? ” Rescheduling is planned for around th…

  • Quote from GobBluth: “What's a rough estimate of what Hex is worth? Art assets are probably the main source of value. The code functions but needs a lot of attention so that's marginal value i guess. I'm assuming they have a lot of debt. ” I can attest personaly to the latter.

  • Mythgard is a promising card game (sadly promising means nothing on its own). We could also discuss that Kurtis mentioned on discord that he wants to buy up hxe. And no...I do not know more about it really. And no...I dont think anything will come of it or at least I dont think there is much hope left (if any).

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “People coming in to complain should not be a worry for them. If it is then they really should not be running an online game. ” Correct. At this point it should not be anymore. It should have been like 2 years ago when there still was time for a course correction and when people complaining where labeled as "crybabies" by other community members.

  • Overdue Tournament Prizes

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    I am surprised we actually got a response from Dino. What it means that they cannot pay out what amounts to a couple thousand dollars (there really arent that many people still waiting since they paid out until sometime in march and they stopped with cash prizes altogether at end of april) is pretty apparent. They werent able to pay those people for 7 months now. I wonder if the staff gets money. I wonder if there is a staff. I wonder what CZEs role is in all this. I understand that the companys…

  • Quote from Airtron: “Hexent's way to stop the bashes and clashes flooding the market with platinum. ” simultaneously the eradication of the last and only seriously competetive tournament

  • Not really clever...the "game over" reference as well as the "reevaluate" reference are both not new and just copy paste

  • It is not about being rude. And it surely isnt about harming the game (an impossible and pointless task at this point). The point Ossuary tries to make is that it is pointless. You are wasting your time. They did not respond or listen to feedback back when they still had a staff. Save yourself time and nerves. I wasted so much time writing on these forums and I have arrived at the point where I see the true pointlessness of it all. I understand that hope dies last..but honestly....let it drop. A…

  • It is just that even when you are willing to accept that the vast majority didnt show up as a possible opponent it still seems a little suspect imo. Even when you assume that just 1% played draft that means 1200 possible opponents. But even back then you played against the same guys with quite some regularity. Honestly 120 drafters seemed closer to the truth than 1200. Idk.... But I am willing to accept the possibilty that I am wrong (which happens rarely with me ). Maybe the number was true...m…

  • Quote from Ossuary: “For the record, as a tester on this game who knows many of the former staff personally, "active" refers to "logged in at least once during the month." It does not mean, for example, "played for at least 5 hours" or "logged in 10 out of 30 days." For whatever that's worth. ” I understand. But you think the number is plausible (even back then) ? Does anybody ?

  • End of 2015 ( Cory said that they have 120,000 active monthly players. I was active then already. For me this only could be a giant lie. Honestly I could not believe that people just went over that line and chose to either believe or just ignore it. For me that was the first giant red flag. That was years ago (to illustrate that they have a history of lying). I very much feel lied to. Consistently. That and the fact that they got so many things wrong just in …

  • Quote from Cernz: “How to feel a bit better when you think of HEX..... imagine your IGN is Colin... ” I dont know about you but personaly I would not mind being wealthy.

  • The least they could do should also include paying oustanding prize money . But I am fine if they decide to do exalted. Just saying that I dont expect it and that I would feel a bit awkward. And I believe that Chris is still around and still cares. The point was about actively working on hex. If you have more insight on that that would be great.

  • Stop acting as if they have 'plans' and stop pinging Cory Jones. He has not visited the forum since end of June. Chris Woods probably does little to no active programming on hex anymore. Maybe an hour or two per week. Just noone really works on the game anymore. The only hope I have left that when the shutdown announcement comes that they will feel urged to at least pay out the remaining prize winners. Maybe Cory will see to it personaly that at least that much gets still done. It would be a sig…

  • I mean...they didnt even have on-demand constructed that involved prices. Which was a point of criticism for years (since they removed CG). So the debated "focus on pvp" was at least botched in that regard.

  • I would argue time is not your friend though . Of course the prices were better some time ago. That is the entire point.

  • Quote from DeathRealm: “Everyone is so helpful giving their advices, thanks! Metronomy, talking about your collection, I would have recommended you not to sell it for so cheap. But everyone is able to do whatever they want. Anyway, OK, I'm not greedy, 170$ for all the stuff. ” I got not a single offering in 3 weeks for $200. Packs are barely moving even at 25 cents. $150 is better than $0.

  • I was barely able to sell my account-contents for $150 and the cards alone was 1 mil plat. Just meant as friendly advise.

  • They simply have no money. How do I know? I am still waiting for my $250 cash prize from april. It is quite the inspiring speech but when you have run out of all your money and there simply is no feasible way to turn the ship around "never gives up" quickly becomes "we should have given up sooner".

  • That friday feeling!!!

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    I am already super excited about this weeks original content. Those article titles really are the highlight of the week.