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  • This mode was such a good concept. It’s a shame it was not implemented in a way that promoted more social status and micro progression. Siege will be known as the last tax imposed on the playerbase before the game entered full shutdown mode. With all the new crappy card games on the market now, it’s super sad to see HEX die like this. Leaps and bounds better from a gameplay perspective than what we are left with. Just missing the bells and whistles other game developers seem to be able to easily…

  • Overdue Tournament Prizes

    NicoSharp - - HEX Discussions


    A few good bits of information from Dino’s post. A) there is still a team B) they still communicate with each other C) the team monitors situations where they agreed to pay out prizes to someone, but cannot. D) if they didn’t have A B or C, I think the situation would be easy to solve. SOON

  • Outside of recycling the art and some aspects of the code, purchasing this IP to make it into something that appeals to more players will take a colossal effort. An effort that may be easier starting from the ground up without the old IP looming over them with its bad press, unknown code situation, and negative associations.

  • When you ask someone to end with dignity, and they have none... nothing else was posted, just deemed inappropriate. Zero community engagement is the new meta.

  • I’m speechless... Because anything else I’d say now, will be deleted.

  • Don’t have to wait too much longer to know if insolvency was a correct guess. December 31st is nearing. I’m pretty sure Dino is still actively posting the updates. There is a gag order on actually communicating with anyone left here in the “community”. But there would be no sense in dragging a name in the mud to make disengaged posts once per week.

  • Quote: “So, game over, right? Well, not quite. ” Clever!

  • No real communication. Feedback mostly ignored for the last two years. All signs this year, especially in the last 4 months, point to insolvency using 2018 timeline to collect liquid assets to pay the government back, for money owed. Take it at face value until proven otherwise. No one really knows, but most everyone knows no one is working to make things better. They can tighten things up to make the game push forward from where it is now, but what would that really solve at this point? I’m on …

  • Been a long time since I’ve played, but I recall forge only working if you send back a dwarf or artifact. Has that hindered your ability to play it consistently? In many pve decks I tested forge and ended up opting for 18 collective targets.

  • A Look Back (I'm Bummed)

    NicoSharp - - HEX Discussions


    It was my creative outlet, but I don’t discount the value it had to me, and it was worth the commitment for my own personal growth. The good that will come out of this is I lack a creative outlet now, and in searching for one, writing has stood out. Might use the time and energy to write a book.

  • It just saddens me to see something like pve campaign, and rpg merc systems that allowed for so much creative freedom get pissed away due to inept decisions leading to where we are today. Who knows how long it’ll be until a game wrapped in a similar package, can deliver the same, and more, with the leadership and consistency needed to drive it towards success. At least we know other companies are trying, but it’s still going to take a Herculean effort, to get to the core of what HEX offered, but…

  • The few left that would donate a $100, $200, etc. still would not foot the bill for the collaboration and man hours it would take to get the cards into the servers for gameplay. They also would not be able to afford the artwork being on par and comparable to what they paid before this news. How many more Fridays do we have to wait for until we know when the ghost ship will appear to deliver the treasure we have been waiting for... or the treasure we deserve? Make up a $ number for a piece of art…

  • The artwork for set10 should be made of entirely preview images of games with failed Kickstarter campaigns.

  • Too late... I committed one.

  • Not like it matters, but I thought VIP rewards were rotating after two cycles of standard and two cycles of sealed after four months @Ossuary . It’s fine to be agitated about everything but at this point we should be letting these microaggresions go. A little refreshing to see 1-2 hours a month of programming/engineering being allowed still.

  • Everything is a PvF joke now. Players vs. Forums. No other battles to be fought, and no other battles to be won.

  • That friday feeling!!!

    NicoSharp - - HEX Discussions


    Contractual obligation to Sony, and potential ownership and funding for servers by Sony, may be the only thing keeping HEX street legal right now. Can’t wait for the super hype update.

  • Who cares. 3 months ago when they laughed on stream about ideas from the forums, it painted a clear enough picture of their overall feeling from it. What point would they serve here if they were still working? But they aren’t. No evidence, is evidence enough. I like to pop on this forum still to see what people are saying still. It won’t be much longer now until some permanence is communicated regarding HEX. Time is catching up with theories shared, and last real communication shared. I truly do…

  • wPYAow Sometimes you don’t want to talk about it cause it’s just embarrassing. Communication is the squats of backend business. The instant removal of backbone, shows how spineless they can be from a human perspective. That, more than anything else, turned away the majority of the few faithfuls left.

  • Quote from Katkilla: “I say this with the best possible intentions, a lot of people here just need to move on. ” Most everyone here has. We come here with an ounce of hope. I quit a while ago. Enjoying other games with the free time I have. No regrets. But I still want to see what happens here.