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  • Ehhh i think the merry melee mode isnt gonna be too good. Turn 1 walking calamity is nearly auto gg, you take 10 damage t1 and if u kill it thats pretty much lethal. Additionally there is already a huge issue - the person going first has a huge advantage. The player going second is always playing from behind and there is nothing given to them when going second. Drawing 1 doesn't help because you can only play 1 card a turn in this mode.

  • Overdue Tournament Prizes

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    Quote from Dinotropia: “Hey Etruia (and anyone else waiting on Tournament prizes), your messages have not been going into the void. The team continues to monitor the situation and has regular conversations on where we are and how we can get you the these payouts. I don't have an ETA for you right now, but I know we are committed to paying out any prizes which have been won in the past. Thanks for your continued patience. ” You guys seem to have conversations about a lot of things, but stuff neve…

  • ctrl c ctrl v

  • Quote from AnomalyCobra: “I wonder if dino is actually alive because the dino from streams would never resort to this kind of shit job. Like we used to respect you dino, but this is pathetic even from a job perspective ” Old news, dino has been replaced with dinobot.

  • Hexent's way to stop the bashes and clashes flooding the market with platinum.

  • Whoa! An entire month for revaluating of the VIP program! Great work guys, this blows the copy paste work you've done out of the water!

  • Thank you for your service bankerbot! Its sad that this has to happen. Hexent has been treating their own community and game like shit.

  • Quote from Pofflord: “If they cant continue development as of right now, because they first need outside money or some form of revenue, then well okay. The thing that is really killing the game right now is people panicking they will loose all the money they already put into the game. Thats what is crashing the market and killing the game right now. If the Devs would make a convincing argument why and how the servers and service will be up and running for the next 5 years, I hardly believe it wo…

  • They have lied so many damn times throughout the life of hex, hell there was some content on the main god damn front page of the hex website that wasn't even in the game (double backs, looking at you). The amount of communication errors and outright lies hexent has made is mind blowingly bad. Looking back now that ive pretty much quit, some of the stuff they put in rivals the BS some of the more notorious companies do. WoF, siege gambling, the doombringer sleeves. Not to mention they strung us p…

  • When bash attendance is so bad you can't even include it in a copy paste article elrisitas.jpg

  • Literally nothing, as expected. Cory, your two months mark has past and we heard absolutely NOTHING. I know why you guys can't talk about those "internal plans" you were saying not to speak about anymore! The only internal plans left are to silently get as much money as you can before shutting down! Thats the only explanation that makes sense anymore.

  • Lets be realistic, thats a god awful solution for remaining vip tickets. Nobody is going to be able to spend them with tournies never firing, can we get some sort of redemption for them? Sounds like all existing VIP tickets are going to waste now.

  • Patch Notes

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    -has ladder rewards, didnt even poll us which sleeve the community wants The care for the community is strong with this company. /s

  • Evo is suppose to give you 2 rares off the start. They are scamming you. You put in 2 packs, you get 2 rares.

  • Taking bets on how many bugs this introduces!

  • Quote from NeroJinous: “Quote from Portensio: “Quote from NeroJinous: “Quote from Ossuary: “Quote from federicorighi: “I know that many of you won't agree, but I feel a bitsorry for Dino and the other people who are exposed to all our hate and have to put their signature on copy-paste non-updates that aren't dependent on the way they do their job. It has to be frustrating as hell... Notice that this statement has nothing to do with the censorship method that has sometimes been applied in the for…

  • Gee i sure would love a job where you only have to copy paste an article once a week!

  • That friday feeling!!!

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    Copy pasterino friderino with some censorinos.

  • I would highly recommend not spending money on this game atm. You should read up what has been going on with the devs lately.

  • Its baffling to me how its possible to be handling the situation your in this badly hexent.