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  • Quote from Cernz: “Quote from Dinotropia: “Quote from Wolzarg: “@Dinotropia Is it intended that the gold tier reward is still AA sir pies because currently only the platinum reward is jouncing carnage. ” Hmmm... that's sirpiezing. Let me talk to the team. Is this just a visual error or did you get Sir Pies as a reward for that rank as well? ” The "team" ” Focus your energy into creativity and positivity and you will feel so much better my dude.

  • Quote from CoSVII: “I just wish sir pies was a better card ... so many pies no one is buying what he smells like ... spell shield quick and steadfast skyguard? One more boon would have made him berry much more playable. ” You are probably right one more keyword would have pushed him over the bump. That said he will always be my special pun bun. love you piey Quote from Dinotropia: “Quote from Wolzarg: “@Dinotropia Is it intended that the gold tier reward is still AA sir pies because currently on…

  • @Dinotropia Is it intended that the gold tier reward is still AA sir pies because currently only the platinum reward is jouncing carnage.

  • There absolutely is lots of players filled the spots i wouldn't be so fast to try and be snarky it will generally bite you in the behind.

  • All this anger is a waste of your energy and well being guys. Why don't we try to send them a stronger message. Next two weeklys none posts anything unless something changes drastically just leave the most active thread on the forums barren for two weeks.

  • I'm in no mood to expand further on it but lets just say im dissapointed.

  • Lets not get into pvp vs pve we both wanted different things and lets be honest neither really got what they wanted so far. Pve might have made more promises that werent implemented than pvp but its not like pvpers were living the dream for long after the beta.

  • HexPvPTools not working

    Wolzarg - - HEX Discussions


    Indeed i was specifically saying hosting fees be high enough to bankrupt not wishing him to go bankrupt. I see how it might be a little bit unclear but as Vroengard said you wouldn't just randomly be charged for it and it would mean intense activity at which point i would assume people would help fund hexpvptools as it is one of our prime resources for the game.

  • All bots supported WW2 its a known fact!

  • Went in and played over the weekend my keep was down and i got insta qued in constructed. I'm not saying the game is fine or healthy but all the cries of its already dead are not true. If they release set 10 some people will come back for that and activity will rise to healthyish levels again. Is that enough? I have no idea but again saying its already dead is simply not true. Deader games than this have clunked along for years some to find their feet others to slowly bleed out. But make no mist…

  • HexPvPTools not working

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    Quote from Fred: “Quote from Goliathus: “I actually thought Fred pulls the plug on the site because there is not much need to keep it up for a dead game, but I am wrong at the moment. I wouldn't blame Fred one bit though if he decided to pull the server at any time now. ” I haven't yet, but I'm evaluating the situation each month, when I pay the hosting bill. Contributions from players have (understandably) declined recently, and I'm covering the difference for now, but I can only afford so much…

  • Quote from Vroengard: “@HEXCoryJones and @Dinotropia I feel the need to remind you that the next Friday updated, which will be on 07/09 (7th of September) will be 2 months and 1 day after the Friday Update - A Few Words. Be very careful drafting and publishing that update, please. "Failure" (however one perceives it) to properly address it will result in severe consequences. ” I'm in no mood to join the badger hex about how terrible they are squad. But these are words that should very much be he…

  • Its quite sad that the format I love that was my brain baby and was even improved by hex is not enough to get me to play any more. To beat that dead horse one last time. I would have spent hours playing this and would even be willing to pay for it if I could challenge people to it.

  • Quote from Mokog: “That is over reach. Their financials are out of scope for customer knowledge. If they were a publically traded corporation then we could research their financials. Hex players have an interest because a healthy game requires a healthy company and a healthy company stays that way in part due to a healthy game. There is influence and partial dependance but that Grant's us the customer no claim. Clamoring for financial details is only seeking kindling for the pyre. Hex has issues…

  • Quote from TheMainEvent: “Quote from Hidden: “I get that his last post may not have been great, but it's inaccurate to say he was openly hostile to the players. He felt it was improper to discuss Hex's inner workings - a fair opinion to have - and was making it known. It also would be unfair to chide him for the opening volley in that post; for all the posts I've seen tearing him apart, it's hardly out of bounds for him to throw a very mild retort. The whole thing really feels like everyone is f…

  • I think i dislike the format as it is a paid format for some reason i won't find out as i will just go with my initial impression instead of putting in both effort and money. Would i have played this if it was free with no prizes? ABSOLUTELY!

  • If you aren't trolling you are just a terrible human being. Regardless anything you do is unlikely to have any impact what so ever.

  • Dear Hex

    Wolzarg - - Feedback and Suggestions


    I hope if they shut down they make one final tournament winner gets the source code and rights.

  • eternal card game

    Wolzarg - - HEX Discussions


    The game is decent but doesn't hold a candle to hex as far as gameplay is concerned. If i could pick i would have the guys who manage eternal manage hex because i think they do a good job but hex is a far superior game at its core.

  • PvE Dead?

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    I keep comming to the conclusion that hex is by far the best cardgame but its probably run about the worst out of any of them which is incredibly sad to me. Not placing any specific blame just pointing out how it feels to me. They really should have copied eternal with pve drafts and quest hubs you pay for either with gold or premium currency. That game is inferior to hex but they managed to monetize pve so they can actually putt resources into it and also have data on how valuable it is to them…