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  • Your money is gone. Collections will never have value again. They were too spineless to admit to us or themselves years ago when the game was in trouble, didn't do anything about it, and let it fester to the point we are at now. The game is getting the end it deserves. What an absolute waste.

  • What a joke. You guys really suck, from the top down.

  • A Look Back (I'm Bummed)

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    I think I learned a lot in between Hex's infancy and eventual collapse. Hubris is a dangerous thing for a leader/organization to have and will screw up even the best ideas.

  • Have we learned nothing?

  • I doubt Cory knows the Hex servers are still online.

  • That friday feeling!!!

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    I think they should title this week's update "just give up."

  • Not with a bang, but with a whimper. As we all expected.

  • 1 month later.

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    Not many people expect the servers to stay up much longer. So take solace in the fact that everyone will soon lose their accounts.

  • Quote from NeroJinous: “gems and champions still not fixed. Looks like no1 is actually working on hex anymore. I cant support hex just trying to milk cash. Either do things correctly or please just stop, so we can all move on. ” Are there actually people still giving Hex money? New PS4 players who don't know what's going on is the only thing I can think of.

  • goodbye everyone

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    God's speed. Was always terrifying being matched with you in limited.

  • Man, Hex is a depressing game to still attempt to be a part of.

  • Is anyone out there??? Nope, no one is there.

  • As I expected queues are dead a few days after. I'm done sitting in queues for this game.

  • Logging into Hex feels like a chore, eventto play 665. A format that I loved at the time. I played this game every day for months straight. You guys need to do some serious trust rebuilding cause it's completely eroded. The game is great but I feel like by logging in I'm supporting the decisions, actions, and general attitude of people that I have lost respect for.

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Literally everyone I know who made a effort to supply information got theirs back. Even my brother who had redeemed no codes and made no purchased it just took more effort and cross referenced data. ” I'm assuming your brother had you on his friends list so that made an easy cross reference. People who can't remember their friends list and who have no KS codes are in a much harder spot and many didn't get their accounts back.

  • Dino Watch

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    Quote from Mormont: “Forum PVP is all we have left. ” A+ comment.

  • Yea that's my feeling as well. My tolerance for queue times is extremely short now. I've wasted too much times waiting in queue. Having not played in 3 weeks I now realize how little I need Hex in my life. That's from someone who played daily for months at a time. I enjoy 665 a lot so I will try but honestly I'm not expecting to play more than a couple drafts before the waiting becomes unreasonable. Also, 887 flashback is terrible. The format was not fun and we literally just played it. I echo w…

  • Why wait a week to start it? You're averaging like 6 drafts fired per day over the last two weeks, don't think anyone is going to miss this format. Just put it in the game tonight. This is nice, I just hope people actually log in to play it. 665 is my all time favorite format (besides the first iteration of flashback where you guys made a custom card pool) so I'll give it a shot.

  • First they would need a leader who is able to formulate a coherent plan to go forward and prioritize things that people actually want. Sadly, the past has proven Hex doesn't have that. I think either an angel descends from the heavens and saves the game or its screwed. We've been saying the same crap for 2 years. Its impossible to expect things to happen now that hex is in an even more precarious financial position with less staff and resources. Implementing flashbacks would probably be the exte…

  • Who is the guy with all the energy and optimism? Would be nice if he was still involved in the game.