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  • No AH on PS4!?!

    Airtron - - Bugs and Tech Issues


    How bad does QA and the code have to be to break this many things with a single patch???

  • Going full cashgrab mode by adding some stupid sleeves to MM in a dying game instead of trying to fix the underlying issues hahahahahah MM wont get one plat outta me.

  • Merry melee changes? Meh, still 100 plat for a casual mode that should be free, not interested. Just some sleeves other than that. Dingleton improvements may help, but its a very, very bland patch other than that imo.

  • Quote from Fred: “Quote from Swigmonkey: “Hasn't Merry Melee already worn out its welcome. I haven't played in weeks. ” It has: gDA5JeG.png ” OUCH. Thats gotta hurt. Also, on the topic of communication, can we get patch notes early? I don't think there is really any reason to withold them until the start of maintenance.

  • New to this game

    Airtron - - HEX Discussions


    If you are going to keep playing, if you can switch to pc before you get too into hex. PC is strictly better than PS4 hex.

  • Flashback evos are cool! But back to silence after the one good communication last week.... Guys, you can't afford to be silent.

  • Oh boy here we go....

  • THANK YOU for talking to us Cory. It really sucks that set 10 will be delayed by 10 months, but it feels like given the circumstances you cant help it atm. But having a set every 6 months now gives us more time to focus on pve! Interested to hear what the expanding the company will turn into.

  • Quote from Fred: “Quote from Ossuary: “Sure, as soon as it stops being a gambletron cashgrab, Fred. Until then, there's no fucking way I'm attacking anything. At least I can post a siege for only 1000g (it should still be zero, and if it were, way more people would use it the way it's "intended," i.e. for fun). But HexEnt made this shitshow when they charged money for it, then tried to hide the shitshow by forcing us to engage if we wanted untradeable, PVE-affecting rewards they locked behind it…

  • Quote from Fred: “ Quote from Airtron: “In a mode where you put currency on the line, you should not ever have to gimp yourself just to get most of what its offering. ” You don't have to gimp yourself to get most of what its offering (and by that, I would assume you're talking about siege sacks, because when a defender earns 12000% of his investment, I consider that a pretty good offering). You have to go out and beat a siege yourself. The reward for successful defense is gold/platinum. Siege sa…

  • Quote from Fred: “Quote from Airtron: “9/10 sieges on front pages sorted by wins are sitting there at 500 sacks untouched ” 10/10 sieges on front pages sorted by wins have 15 wins or more. That means 15 or more people attempted to claim the reward and failed. Odds are all of these sieges are a combination of the perfect aggro/lifegain/mill trio that is impossible to beat unless you get extremely lucky and the AI gets flooded or resources screwed all 3 games. If you set up a demonstratibly unbeat…

  • 9/10 sieges on front pages sorted by wins are sitting there at 500 sacks untouched Not too long ago these would have been swarmed to be defeated But people dont like to gamble, and the siege sack bandaid has already fallen off ggwp nice design hexent

  • A point of view

    Airtron - - Feedback and Suggestions


    A lot of us, including myself, were very supportive of hexent in the past. But they keep stringing us along with absolute silence and very poor decisions/design that we clearly say we do not like, and we provided feedback. No matter how much feedback we provided, they kept on being silent. The few whimpers of 'oh look, promised pve features are coming!' have been forgotten and we havent heard of things they talked about for nearly a YEAR. Some of the communication the community is asking for isn…

  • People are already stopping attacking sieges. There are a bunch of 500 sieges just sitting there not being touched at all.

  • Refugee Discord

    Airtron - - Guild / Team Recruitment


    Deleted by Dino in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......

  • Questmas 2018

    Airtron - - HEX News and Announcements


    Quote from Dinotropia: “Quote from Greyhaven: “Quote from Transience: “... it's getting more and more annoying by the day to see ever other fucking thread being cluttered with these posts. I don't care for them and they have been singing the exact same tune for several weeks now. ” This is on topic. We're all playing "llama llama emu!" in honor of Questmas.The rules: Go into each thread and post some drama llama stuff. Eventually HXE will respond, which we'll call "Emu". That ends the round by c…

  • Prizes for CCS?

    Airtron - - HEX Discussions


    Late paying players. Late paying artists. Probably late paying employees too.

  • hmmm think i recall seing an article 90% similar being posted yesterday.... hmm

  • Half the 1st page of sieges are just sitting at 500 sacks.. not too long ago they would have been swarmed.

  • Quote from OilsBridge: “280-300 keeps always on. don't know if ps4 players can build keeps or just attack them. ” it takes like 30 seconds to post a siege, and siege activity has been more dead than its ever been since sack release for me.