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  • I think PoE (Path of Exile) is the best f2p game and think, although the games are vastly different, Hex can learn and borrow allot from them. When a new league comes out with new features (all free mind you), I play the game allot. If i like the league and think GGG (dev. of PoE) should be rewarded i will buy a supporter pack. They get money i get my cool skins etc. I do think something like this could be done with Hex his PvE zones, tbh. This method has made me spend way more on PoE then on He…

  • Hex: Bash Aftermath Episode 3

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    Quote from vestris: “If you are interested in further posts, follow my twitter. I will likely not post on the forums again as overall the forum population does not seem to appreciate fresh content. ” No...i dont have twitter but really like your blog! Keep it up

  • I;m sorry guys, im having 0 fun with this mode and im kinna done with it (again) for now.

  • What's in your Siege Sack?

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    Out of 2 packs: - Sleeve - Gear for thought collector (Collector's gloves)

  • I 100% agree with Goliathus on the Siege thing. This was the reason i quit playin the Siege and the Siege Leaderboard. When i first heard about the Siege i thought i would be great and full of flavor. But like Goliathus says it's really not.. just 'bullcrap cutthroat'. Although i get what Transience is tryin to say and i get that, but i dont agree. Quote from Goliathus: “Because it's not about winning. Not everyone is a Spike and PvE tends to have less Spike than PvP on average. Hex has been so …

  • Quote from Metronomy: “This whole competetive vs. casuals (casual for the lack of a better term) nonsense has to stop. It is not either/or. Without the "casuals" there is no competetive scene. Streamers need viewers. Tournaments need people who are interested in watching. Without a certain size of a core player base there cant be a competetive scene. Or better said...none that makes sense. It seems like HXE decided to reduce the competetive aspect (change of hex bash and clash) because it didnt …

  • Looks like i should pick up this Thread again. I was takin a break due to a lack of interesting decks on Siege and the goldsick that it is. Thanks for posting guys, i will update the thread and see if in the upcoming weeks Siege will be enjoyable again.

  • Quote from NicoSharp: “Quote from Metronomy: “I respect you too much Nero to start a fight with you. Lets just say I disagree heavily with what you just wrote. I think me and others laid out pretty clearly what out issues with those signature decks are and what is not. It is not about us not wanting new players to join Hex. That has nothing to do with our issues. Maybe you should go back and read the posts again. ” In Nero's defense - Looking back at the earliest of complaints from you and other…

  • I thought long and hard about if i should post here, because some people have already voices their view on the matter (@Chrome, very well spoken sir!) and those posts are perfectly inline with my opinion. I'm really not lookin for a debate and this thread is kinna heavy and hot already. Nevertheless i think it's important that I, as just another Hex player, should just tell HxE when i think. (hopefully) They will learn or at least get a full picture of what their playerbase think. Firstly: I thi…

  • Just wanted to give the feedback that i think Shamrock AAA is very cool and pretty. I love the animated coins..allot! I really wish for more cards with animated objects like that, it brings the card to another level. So very well done Hex, just wanted to say that.

  • Primatic Gems and Conscript

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    I've got a Sentinel of Nulzann in play with the gem: " While you control a prismatic troop: +1 attack and FLIGHT". I play Windbourne Ascension and Conscript an Grim Harvest. Grim Harvester is normally Blood/Diamond, so primatic. However because i conscripted it by Windbourn, mine is ofcourse pure sapphire. When i play my pure Sapphire Grim Harvester the gem of Sentinel gets activated. This seems like a bug to me. If not, forget i said anything and remove this thread.

  • The Spider is dying...

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    Quote from Pandemica: “poopling ” Man, this sucks. I feel now like i have been lettin you down, by not spending that much time in the Cave anymore (lack of time). You are a great entertainer and a great person (only with a horrible music taste (fuck ninja boy Kappa)). Just take a break but please come back. I'll give you much smokiestreates if you come back! Freeshit man!

  • Quote from Morwath: “Hyakkume has 33 wins right now. ” Very cool! Thanks, i've checked and we indeed have a new high record!

  • I must be blind then or shouldn't consider 43% (thats the amount of 'Deleted my account' posts in March) as many or mostly .. This is what i'm seein on the Steam Storepage: most recente negative posts: Cerzi, 26 March: Deleted account Monda Zappa: 26 March: in-depth feedback (i dont agree but thats not the point) Elecious80, 19 March: Deleted account Ezekial, 18 March: Too expansive (I can understand that) Player 2, 9 March: Deleted account Bandabyboo, 5 March: I keep crashing (I never crash on …

  • Quote from Arkansaw: “Entirely deserved for the only "TCG" that screwed over players that badly (they made Blizzard look like a saint). Also, note that all the new IP including card clash and QST are started under separate shell companies, so hexent is prepared to bolt any time, making it an extremely risky investment for new players lured in by the mrt elements. ” Yes and lure us all to the darkside! Did you know, the people at HxE are actually super smart aliens! ... .. . Please give me more t…

  • Again mostly about those account transfer shit.. it's getting very annoying and old. Someone from the HxE team should make a official and standard reply to those ppl or atleast do something of damage control.

  • Quote from hugeheadliang: “It can destroy many decks single-handedly, with the new gems it is also almost impossible to deal with. Mist+vanishing gems just provide too much protection which is very unhealthy. Seems dev already forgot how frustrating dealing with spellshield gems were. At least back then we have extinction... ” Yeah it's silly strong atm. Maybe a solution would have been, making the ability to vanish Basic? Not sure if that will be nerfing it too hard.

  • Friday Update Update! 3.23.18

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    Quote from Thrawn: “Please! I feel bad when I see the CCG of the month making rounds in the press (Hearthstone / Gwent / Elder Scrolls / some CCG by an asshole company we shall not name) - meanwhile, Hex kills it with weekly $1k tournaments, multiple PVE modes, and an excellent competitive experience... and there's not a peep in gaming media at large. ” Yeah it frustrates me aswell that those big gamenews site write article after article about HS upcoming changes or some other asshole company's …

  • Sorry for the two days delay guys, i was very busy. I've updated the leaderboard again

  • Tomorrow will i have time to update the leaderboard!