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  • Some new merry melee sleeves would be welcome.

  • Quote from Osamaru: “I've been trying to find alternate, easier combos to pull off, such as something that triggers when a troop dies, or when something is brought back, but nothing so far. ” Splashing diamond and Count Dragomir comes in mind, but I still haven't seen a decent deck using his ability.

  • Frost Ring Arena - Deck Tier List

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    Quote from NicoSharp: “Uruunaz and Zakiir are also very rare. At one point people factored that you might not see one in 500 runs. So assuming someone has been able to test said deck against said boss, and has a fair assessment for it is silly. Same can be argued for speed. Results definitely vary. The only idea that appeals to me is benchmarking by clicks potentially, but I don’t have the time or energy to police that feedback and feel that win by turn x achieves what people need to know just f…

  • Quote from Eraia: “Quote from cainhu: “It's only Tuesday. Did you anticipated daily communication? ” I didn't anticipate anything. But daily communication should be the LEAST we push them for. Many gaming companies(even some as small as Hex) communicate with their playerbase multiple times per day, in both meaningful and meaningless ways. Daily communication is not some sort of holy grail of unreachable communication. Daily communication is the the bare minimum.(and to be clear - not all communi…

  • Though the biggest part of me agrees with what you say and I am in general a positive and patient person, there is this part of me that thinks they should be the ones thanking us for still caring, supporting, providing feedback and still, after all the mishandlings on their part, being such an awesome community (with our ups and downs, cause I believe ALL the voices are needed, the positive and the harsh). The product is something different than the rest and that's why we still stick around, but…

  • Charge Stall deck

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    Heart of Agony for sure, Heartsworn Caller maybe...hmmm... Eyes of the Heart also if you can stall long enough...

  • Opponent has 8hp. AI six resources, Zeddek's Judgement, draws another one, plays it for free, plays shard, Verdict once more , then plays Umbral Guard. Why?

  • 1- Astolfo, Master of Disguises TROOP - Human Mage - Unique - Legendary Deckbuilding: Your deck must contain at least 20 unique troops. Deploy - Unique troops you control lose the Unique trait. When a Unique troop enters play under your control, it loses the Unique trait. 2 2 "Disguising our armies as our heroes, may give us the the elements of surprise and intimidation!" - Astolfo

  • A point of view

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    Just to be clear, something last. I did not make this thread to continue here everything that is going on in other threads, pretty please. All the arguments and concerns, as I said, I share and I feel. All I am suggesting is another point of view for everyone to give a thought(including me).

  • A point of view

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    Hello dear Hexers! I just wanted to chime in and share some thoughts regarding all that has been going on lately and to say something to all of us (including me) who are speculating of the worse.;l I feel you, really. Let's ASSUME from what he have (not) seen and (not) heard lately, that Hex is in a tough spot. And yes, the communication is not good at all. All this silence is killing us, making us think the worse, make our worries and frustration grow, our patience and hopes diminish. BUT we al…

  • Quote from Morwath: “Quote from SlayerStronghold: “The Hex AI will happily attack with 2/2 runeears, because they are "unblockable" ... ” It does exact same thing with Annihilix... ” Also, in FRA, AI considers it unblockable and never blocks him even with a huge prismatic troop.

  • @Mattmanhex I really like your entries. Already the contest begins with high standards! Now I have to come with something at least as half as cool... Also @Xylo i love that the design restriction is deckbuilding restriction..

  • You can check out the Wardens of Entrath Discord channel. You will find many many HEX enthusiasts and cool people to talk about your favourite game and much more.

  • I will be announcing the next contest and every contest from now on at the wardens' discord, to give it more visibility and traffic I hope, cause from what I see it is a custom that is slowly fading away and it saddens me.

  • 2 - Locke's Tworbine ARTIFACT - Rare [TWO-SHOT]: 2 : 2 Target troops you control get Flight and " At the end of your turn, sacrifice this." "Hey! You two! Hold this for a moment" -Locke (AA card flavour): "One, two, WHOOSH...KABOOM" - Two gnolls

  • Quote from Ossuary: “Seriously, you guys. Are you ever going to address this shit? AI: has 7 resources, and burn to the ground in hand. Opponent: has 4 health. AI: plays BttG on a random troop; dies to attack next turn. Fucking pathetic. My 13 year old programs better than this. ” Also, still, AI considers Annihilix unblockable, both on attack and on defence. Played FRA, AI doesn't block him with stronger PRISMATIC troops. Watched a Siege replay from a deck I was testing.. AI has in hand Morphol…

  • I think @Osamaru that there are people who have gone for whale hunting and try their luck. The last couple of days I have seen absurd prices for cards mostly used in siege. Underworld reinforcements sold for 2k plat, Xenthoth's Missionary 2,5k plat and many more. Makes me really sad but that's what an open market is.

  • I gotta check this bug again. Yesterday I played against a keep and he had 18 armor. I managed a combat trick with annihilixes, many phantoms and two dormant ones, destroyed a bunch of troops and I am definitely sure his armor dropped to 8. But then Angel of Glory brought em back. Bummer. I was stuck at 4 resources for 8-9 turns. I stalled the board with the unbpund ones. Then I draw a Guidance get a fifth shard and attack with everything so then I could use summit sentence. Too bad for me cause…

  • Quote from Griffinheart: “I built a new Succumb to Madness deck that dumps Robogoyles (lubed up with Robo-oil) into the crypt, tosses them back into the deck with Replicator's Gambit, and fetches them all back with another Succumb. Definitely not the fastest (probably is medium in speed), but it's consistent and fun. ” Nice one! Robogoyle Madness! Sounds fun. Definetely gonna give it a try! Currently I am tweaking something with Succumb, Mordrom's Gift with damage=equal to attack on deploy ruby …

  • Yeah, it doesn't play the card since siege was launched. Too bad we can't still use that decent PvE card and the really pricey equipment.