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  • Sorry for the two days delay guys, i was very busy. I've updated the leaderboard again

  • Tomorrow will i have time to update the leaderboard!

  • Count Dragomir triggers on opponents crypt aswell. My opponent has a Count Dragomir in play. I play a Mordroms gift on a troop in my own crypt. Suddenly my opponent can trigger his Count Dragomir's ability. He says he cant even control or skip it.

  • FRA post Set 9, thoughts?

    Khaelen - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Ghulzen: “Maybe some kind of check box system before an arena run, that asks you which sets/blocks you'd like to earn rewards from? ” Thats a very good idea tbh

  • Quote from Zophie: “Quote from Khaelen: “Did you guys get any news from them (80arcade) after signing up for the newsletter? I got the confirmation email and that is it after that. ” Based on the latest Hex Friday Update it looks like they pushed the window for signing up to March 25th, so I probably wouldn't expect anything until at least then. ” Ah, i thank you!

  • Did you guys get any news from them (80arcade) after signing up for the newsletter? I got the confirmation email and that is it after that.

  • FRA post Set 9, thoughts?

    Khaelen - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from RoyG: “Loot tables hardly give any new loot.Zero or one per run.Most of the stuff is from the first arena release,which makes most of the loot drop worthless. ” Yep, same here. Kinna stupid. Altho i like the new and improved FRA, much of the hate has been removed thankfully.

  • Quote from Assassin: “Interesting. I had a completely different experience. I found the set very enjoyable, and if you have limited fixing available, it's usually possible to play around it (for example, if you already have prismatic cards with all 3 of your color combinations, don't add a double-ruby fusion to it). Sure, treshold screw happens a little more than before still, but if you build your deck right, it's negligible. And I actually really like that there's some agressive strategies in …

  • yep. Really pissed off about this. Lost me mine 3th win.-_-

  • Quote from DraftPunk: “After 32 wins, Ydroj has proven if you smack your head into a wall enough times, it will fall...…13f977e68cc6d065e4f81cd45 ” Very impressive, gz! Quote from Swigmonkey: “Last Wednesday, March 7th ” You've been added to the leaderboard, sir. gz!

  • We have a new highest Wins!

  • Back on the topic and the cards. I love the fact we got shardsfixing again (i love wells). The only thing i really dont like is the fact they are rare (i didnt like that about wells aswell). Shards/Cards like these are kinna mandatory for every player and so they will be in high demand and so very expansie. I never liked the idea that cards like these should be at atleast 250-300p (or even more....yes im looking @ you silly Well of Cunning). I was very happy the Ice Shards where common and was h…

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Lots of good news tho i do really dislike putting new rewards in old packs that i have already cracked so many of it just feels bad having to go back and opening hundreds of the same crud i already have to get the last few. ” Yeah, kinna agree. We need something to do with those old worthless equipement. Disenchant and craft for other equipement ?

  • Quote from Eraia: “Thank you. I would actually dearly love to see the complete list of changes, but I really appreciate the fact that you guys took the time to talk to us about these ones, and for visiting the campaign as well. Much appreciated. ” Quote from Airtron: “Bringing hard counter FRA opponents in line!!!! More FRA gold!!!! More az lewtz!!!! More PvE cards!!!! That resource!!!! EVERYTHING!!!! Fantastic update hexent! I am glad to see that that previous PvE thread I made has actually had…

  • Quote from xbete: “Contrary to the original statement, siege mode has reinvigorated my interest in PVE. Since it launched I have started to play FRA again exploring a host of new decks, exploring new interactions and ideas. I even started going back to the campaign to pick up some things I am missing and level my mercs. I don't want to play the same stale things over and over regardless of how expensive they are, and things like The Crowd Roars are still good in candles. Also, I was wondering wo…

  • Shouldnt they then be factionless? It's very confusing now.

  • I've got a Vennen Zilith and an Orc Incubation Slave (both are marked as Underworld) on board. I play Woeful Webbing; '... summon a random Spider for each different <underworld> race among troops you control.' So that would be 2. I only summoned 1 so i presume isnt counting the (Orc) Incubation Slave. kind regards.

  • Quote from Biz: “the actual win counts might be higher than what it shows atm they seem bugged (siege defense: ps4 attackers) if the gold hoarding isn't bugged, you might be able to reverse-calculate the true win count based on the cost-to-attack and hoard sizes if there is any imprecision in the system (due to rounding to whole numbers) ” Ow damm, i didnt know that. That really sucks:O

  • Another week! Last week had some great Keeps/Siege Defense, lets see how this week will go.

  • Quote from DraXor: “not so many responds so im guessing this isnt great idea ... or siege isnt really active and only few people is having fun there, or everyone is busy and playing so do not visit forum? ” I love this idea tbh. And it doesnt sound too difficult to implement. Artisanal CheesesDragon please, no gold only cheese: latest