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  • Quote from Bootlace: “Most of the tournament modes in the game are also a negative sum game ” Are they? Take Bash for instance. Last one had 74 players, so 518 plat total entry fee. The cash prize pool alone is nearly twice that. Or consider Singles Night. For every 8 players, 800 plat entry fee and 5 packs awarded, plus the other prizes. So again positive EV. Fight Night? 24000 gold per 8 players entry fee, for 5 packs and 3 rares.

  • Quote from Transience: “Hex does have a learning AI. There's an article on that somewhere. edit: here it is: ” Does the AI described in that article seem like the AI that's actually there right now? I suspect that much of that was either scrapped or ended up not actually having a significant effect on the AI's behavior.

  • Quote from Ossuary: “If you can build a really solid set of decks that people have serious trouble taking down, you actually could take home quite a lot of coin. I just don't see that happening realistically, with our current AI. I guess we'll see. ” But if the AI is good enough that people can build keeps that good, the EV for attackers will be so bad that you won't get many people willing to challenge high-hoard keeps. For every 1000 value in the hoard, you lose 400 if you lose and only profit…

  • Quote from schild: “I meant there's some really easy stuff that people have been asking for that haven't amounted to much, meanwhile, we get a crazy complex system that we're basically going to be doing the testing on. Here's the thing, I don't actually have a problem with that. I like the idea of throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks (that was not used as a denigration to the keeps thing, just in general I like experimentation). But there's proven value-adds and formats that are…

  • Quote from Blackwood: “I fully intend to make the most bizarre puzzle-defense I can conceive of to boggle would-be brew-brigands, piratical deckhands and enterprising rabble-rousers. ” Unfortunately, such a deck would almost definitely confuse the AI which is playing it for you.

  • Stone me if you want, but - PvE???

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    Quote from Olfff: “KEEPS ARE COMING BOIS. ” I don't envy the people who have to balance this format. It's very likely the hardest thing anyone working on Hex has ever done professionally and if they don't get it just right the entire format will collapse (no one willing to attack or no one willing to defend).

  • Quote from Eraia: “That's an interesting concept... it offers literally no incentive to join VIP for anyone who isn't the type of player to commit 8 hours in a single sitting though... which might be a concern and reduce revenue from it. ” Actually, it does. Even if you don't have time for the full tournament you can join and play a few rounds. Though even if it didn't, that's fine. VIP doesn't need to be for everyone. Being attractive for a specific subset of players is fine. (Alternatively, if…

  • Lost account

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    Quote from Fred: “Gameforge is forced by German law to destroy all user account data after 6 months. There was nothing Hex or Gameforge could do about it. It's the law of the land, period. ” Nonsense. As things were originally with Gameforge, Hex controlled the account data. At some point, Hex agreed to a new contract with Gameforge. With this new agreement, Hex willingly gave up the control of the data to a company bound by German laws. I'm pretty certain they could have avoided this mess with …

  • I have a much simpler idea. VIP, while active, gives you free entry into all scheduled tournaments. That's it. The monthly fee would obviously be higher than it is now. To prevent abuse there would have to be a couple conditions. First, if there are any participation/door prizes you would only qualify for them if you had at least 1 win. Second, you'd need a condition for Limited. Either (a) you don't keep the cards you open, (b) you have to pay the packs part of the entry fee, or maybe (c) you n…

  • Quote from JeffHoogland: “It would probably be much better. The last Magic sets that Garfield was the lead designer on was the original Innistrad block. For those unfamiliar Scars-Inn and especially Inn-Rtr are commonly accepted as the best standard formats Magic had in the last decade. ” First, you're wrong. The lead designer of Innistrad was Mark Rosewater. Source:…ard-set-archive/innistrad Second, you're confusing design and development. A good standard format i…

  • Quote from CoachFliperon: “These two things were either addressed in the discussion or in the OP. Or is it that you don't agree with the argument for either of them? If it is the later I'd be interested to know more about why you think the arguments are not relevant. Did I/we miss something in the discussion? ” You don't balance overpowered cards (such as equipped cards) by making them show up less frequently. It just adds a really bad kind of variance. It's not fun when a game is decided by who…

  • Equipment and singleton is not a good combination. A platform push and a new format which is unplayable on some or all of these new platforms is not a good combination.

  • Quote from Goliathus: “Quote from Gregangel: “yes ok, nevermind. The fact is the card is directly inspired by Herofall and I bet it is not a coincidence ” You want to talk about this, look no further than Beneath the Grounds from Hearthstone: 22397.png This card is released in HS at the same time when Set 3 is around(like first month of release I think) and Vennen spider egg shenanigan is just out there. I was like "holy shit, is this thing from Hex?" when I first saw this card. With putting car…

  • loot box vs card boosters

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    Even if boosters somehow escape being classified as loot boxes, chests and chest spins definitely are loot boxes.

  • Found this is the marketing for the Set 8 Steam bundle: Quote: “Paired with 10 pieces of shiny equipment to enhance your cards on the battlefield, this collection gives you the tools to avoid the dangerous new portals that are appearing in the Frost Ring Arena. ” Anyone seen these portals?

  • There's a very simple reason for a steeper decline than normal: the set was released on Friday. This means that the peak of the new-set boost - the first couple full days after release - lined up perfectly with the weekend, which is when there's normally the most activity. This will both increase the peak activity right after release and the magnitude of the drop-off from this peak.

  • Friday Update! 11.17.17

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    Quote from HEXCoryJones: “In the end missing the long Thanksgiving weekend sort of decided it for me, I just felt more players would be served by getting it out now. I know many people have time off and would love to have the chance to enjoy the content during the break. I realize YOU may be one of the people this decision makes unhappy, and believe me I fucking HATE making anyone unhappy, I got to say its been one of the hardest parts I've had to learn about running a company, you cannot please…

  • Quote from Kaijudums: “God forbid they try to make a profit. *headdesk* ” This decision will likely lose them money, since they lose all the last minute kismet drafts and pack sales.

  • Quote from Neverness: “Yes, but the compensation is the problem to the post that I've been responding too. ” The poster you were quoting stated it quite clearly: Quote from Katkilla: “All of which could have been avoided if this was known prior. ”

  • Quote from Neverness: “Sure, but that's not what is being discussed. To recap, if we are going to have a Kismet draft at the end of every set release lifetime, then: - Its only fair that any unfinished drafts are closed at the start of the next release because Kismet is so much more powerful than a normal standard set. - Unfinished drafts should be compensated fairly. - Compensation cant be worth more than the draft entry, otherwise people will abuse it by deliberately not finishing their Kismet…