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  • Talking PvE with BroomBot

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    PvE is the realm where you're suppose to be doing silly things, playing Timmy dragons, and just having the outrageous fun that no one allows you to have in competitive PvP. Forcing everyone to play with commons/uncommons against the AI doesn't seem like the most fun thing we could be doing.

  • Quote from NicoSharp: “ - potentially adding "Passives" / etc. to part of the choice after an AI encounter ends. ” They already have this don't they. They give you the option to add from a selection of OP cards to your deck in the Devonshire Keep. Fort Romor and GMG dungeon also offer options like a starting card in play. Hogarth gives you a buff in FRA..? The Boat has some deck/game adjusting tech too.

  • When I was brainstorming the customizable Keeps idea I created a spreadsheet for each of the different slots that I had imagined people could customize (champion power, champion passives, cards that start in play, cards that start in deck, and general champion buffs/debuffs) to see if the idea would make sense. You can see that spreadsheet here (although it's quickly made so disregard the balancing numbers placed on it which has not much thought behind it and only relates to the 100 point limit …

  • At the risk of being a slight copy of this mode, HxE could make base decks (40 cards) for the different Frost Ring arena participating teams and award bonuses/additional cards as you progress in the FRA. Thematically it makes a lot of sense. It would all be phantom so you can start experiencing the game and its flavorful & fun mechanics without being too heavily invested. Put a gold entry fee and it can be a gold sink as well.

  • Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Ertzi: “Is it wrong that I like this ongoing conversation because we are talking about a new PvE mode, even if it's from another game? ” Yes, because if it's that discussion you're looking for, it should be conducted in the Feedback & Suggestions section and involve your (our) dream Hex PvE that we'll almost certainly never have. ” I would love to see what people regard as their 'dream Hex PvE'. Personally it probably looks something like Heroes of Might and Mag…

  • Quote from Memory: “Blizzard hired Peter Whalen (creator of the fantastic rogue-like deckbuilder 'Dream Quest ('), and his creative design is apparent in the Dungeon Run mode. I would say the main downside of Dungeon Run is that it doesn't do anything to generate revenue for HS; in fact it truly is completely F2P as your deck is temporary and you get access to legendaries/epics/super powerful effects along the way - and this is probably why Blizzard…

  • While the layer of depth and strategy might be different, these games share the same thing that makes them enjoyable and that's coming up with new interesting combinations and experiencing fun new interactions/moments. Card games are great for this because of their unique nature of having so many possible permutations to explore. Some people like doing that in competitive environments (Limited), others in more casual/social settings (EDH/FFA) and some in solo (PvE). Even if you think EDH is obje…

  • Quote from Vroengard: “If only HXE had focused on it more at the begining, 4 years ago. They had their chance and lost it. The market is unforgiving. Now they'll never catch up. ” They did focus on it, they just put the focus on the wrong place. Putting super complex systems into a single player game that doesn't require them was not the best use of their time - in fact going for a completely linear single-player experience was the mistake in the first place. For example the whole talent tree/ra…

  • Hearthstone’s latest expansion includes a small FRA like PvE mode. After having played it extensively I wanted to share some thoughts and observations that might be relevant to Hex. -First of all it must be stated that the HS community feedback for this has been overwhelmingly positive with the top comments on Reddit regarding this mode has been something along the lines of “this is the most fun I’ve had playing HS in a long time” and players are in unison in wishing Blizzard to keep pushing con…

  • Raid thoughts

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    If you have fixed raids, the encountered will get 'figured out' pretty quickly and some min-maxed net decks are going to blow through that just like they have through the 'semi-fixed' FRA 2.0. The solution to this is offering encounter unpredictability. You can't specifically tune a deck against a certain encounter if you don't know what you'll be up against. That's why I think if they manage to setup the player generated Keeps idea, they can eventually make a version so players can also craft R…

  • Holy crap, the Eternal Architect one is bonkers!

  • My SO loves crochet so I had to get her involved in this challenge. She ended up making one of my favorite characters in Hex, Mooof: e2HOk05.jpg Mooof.png

  • Quote from schild: “Quote from Chrome: “Just wanted to chime in and give everyone a little bit of a backstory on how this tournament series came into being. From the very beginning of our website, we have been wanting to make new player-friendly tournaments. In fact, we were the first site ever to have budget-oriented tournaments in Hex (called 'Budget Cup' almost 3 years from this day) and coincidentally enough, it was Funktion who won one of them (he was also kind enough to stream it all the w…

  • No restriction on uncommons and yes it will be in client and hopefully will be a nice bridge between the Dueling Pits and Standard Ladder for PS4 players. Shoutout to Kroan btw for being the Rock granddaddy and starting this movement within Hex and Funktion for picking it back up recently.

  • VOD of the 4th Immortal Championship:

  • A bit ridiculous to give such a damning fatal review just a mere hours after launch. They're going to fix out the issues in due time and address the problems PS4 players have as they have done for the PC version over the past few years. Meanwhile enjoy the best TCG ever released on a console (yes, even in its current version). The player onboarding has improved heaps from what I've seen with the objective as well as simplified deckbuilding interface. As for why it exists, well not everyone has a…

  • New draft formats on the tail end of sets are a great idea, and this looks like an excellent curation given the standard and non-phantom stipulations. Hope you guys are also open to making phantom ones in the future for all sorts of crazy implementation opportunities.

  • A Fond Farewell

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    Was great to meet you in person, really could tell your passion for Hex and so this feels like a definite loss for the team. Glad to see you'll be sticking around as a player. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

  • More character slots

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    Quote from Frasaria: “I always believed they wanted to incorporate more slots with 'keeps' in a future PvE update. And that by selling the slots now, there would be less purpose to build/upgrade keeps in the future But since we barely know anything about keeps, this is mostly a rumour that i keep telling myself i guess ” It's called Strongholds but yes otherwise good points.

  • Phoenix I usually respect your opinion so I'm not going to dig too deep into your post, but I found this part quite amusing so had to comment: Quote from Phoenix: “Congrats on being primarily in the right place at the right time I guess. ” Sure if Jeff's lifegoal was to earn a vanity card in a TCG, then he likely joined this game at the right time. But in terms of the actual economics of earning a livelihood and developing one's career as a streamer/content creator (specifically taken into consi…