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  • - Your Favorite PvE Race/Class. Human/Cleric (The good old workhorse of HEX PvE that can eventually grind it's way past anything) - Your Favorite PvE Card. Freaky Fungus w/ Equipment (A staple of every sapphire PvE deck that I run. Ever since it's release I've fallen in love with how this card's interactions make mediocre decks awesome) - What aspect of Hex PvE you most enjoy and why. Designing Decks for diffrent race/class combos and trying out ones submitted by members of the community. (OPTIO…

  • Hooray, it's back! Did you end up adding in the newer decks posted in the time between the last update to the main list and the forum change over? Cause I know that several of them were still unaccounted for last time I looked before the forum switch.