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  • So with the new set out I decided to sign up for VIP and received a Scars of War pack instead of a Frostheart pack. If I knew I wasn't going to get Frostheart packs I wouldn't have signed up yet.

  • Arcane Focus locks the game

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    I had this happen to me last night. Since then I haven't been able to play PVE, every single game locks up at the Loading screen on the starry background.

  • I've been playing PVE for the last week and have noticed this since the patch as well. Lots of times when I click to play a card either nothing will happen or it will open linked cards. Doesn't seem to matter where I click on the card, art or text box, it will be unresponsive for a couple clicks.

  • HEX User Ranks

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    Finally got my account transition sorted out. Old profiles: Would like my Rare Drafter tag back if it's possible. Thanks.