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  • Instead of using stardust you can use the chat to do some of the work for you. 0) Own the card, it doesn't work if you don't own it 1) Hold shift and click the card in your collection with chat open (this makes a 'link' to the card to put in chat) 2) Send the link in chat (Can use a custom channel to not spam the public channels) 3) Press your up arrow on the keyboard immediately without clicking anywhere else. The 'code' for the link comes up instead 3.5) Here's an example of how the text looks…

  • The ladder AAs in the article don't match the AAs being given in game. Article says Cottontail Warcaller and Quui the Rune mother but in game it's Veiled Lurker and Auspex of Lanupaw

  • AA butcher

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    It was one of the AA rewards for the last ranked season.

  • C.O.D bug?

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    Yeah this issue has been around for ages. Just need to hope he sends the gold in a different non cod mail sadly (Though I've had good experience with MiracleSun sending the currency to me in this case).

  • I hope I can catch the devs at some point on Monday. Timing is just a bit awkward for me. Glad to see the old Kismet packs back in store. Not sure how I feel about the wizard and badlands board being added, at least at the same price as the Campaign boards. Some people entered tournaments every week for months to try and get those. So to be sold for just 1k undermines that a bit. I'm all for making them available again, possibly rotate them back for the bash+clash as an alternative? Or at least …

  • Suggestion for PS4

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    With PS4 lacking PvE content and access to entering codes there's a chunk of content unavailable to them How about the PvE, chest and code related sleeves be added to the PS4 store for a mixture of cosmic coins, gold and platinum to give them more to play for? Amounts should probably change based on the rarity of the sleeve (Say the Jadiim sleeves costing 10,000 cosmic coins while the Hound Sleeve from PvE only costs 100 coins or 10,000 gold as an example) AA's could be included as well but with…

  • It's nice to hear something again. I've always remained on the Optimistic side of hex and have been popping in to get cosmic each season and gradually try to finish my collection (at this point i'm only missing 5 pieces of equipment and have all cards but about 40 AA's extended), While it was obvious less than ideal choices were made at times the passion was just as obvious to me and I always doubted that the game would just be left to die. If hex 2 becomes a reality i'll be ready play it and pr…

  • PS4 Trophy (Hex Addict)

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    I'm curious about this myself since I haven't been able to get it on my ps4 account either. I know the deal 100 damage in a single turn trophy only needs 10 damage instead of 100. I think it just bugged at some point. Maybe when Cosmic Coins were introduced. Kind of disappointing really. @Dinotropia Would hope they can at least find the time to fix it when they patch in the next ladder rewards.

  • I don't know what to suggest honestly. I've built the same deck and it worked fine (having Flight+Swiftstrike and Lethal when you have a prismatic card in the wreckers since that's what I think is in the screenshot). Maybe rebuild the deck in a new deck and see if that works? I'm not sure.

  • This is just a guess but are the gems Rickety Wrecker standard legal? I can't make them out from the screenshot. Otherwise try relogging after you save.

  • Patch Notes

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    @Dinotropia The update seems to not be on steam. On the standalone client I can see the new AAs but on the steam client I can't see them (this applies to both Mac and PC) Update: It has been fixed

  • Quote from Mormont: “The forum has an ignore feature. Use it. That will solve everyone's problem. Enough going after other forum users. That is not enough of us already. ” The issue with that is it doesn't really do anything. All it does is make you need to press a button to see their posts. It doesn't remove them from your sight. And if what I think what someone is typing is bad for the game ignoring them wouldn't stop them it would just make me stop seeing it while everyone else does. --------…

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “I agree with alot of what you said and I also agree that the forums should be civil and discussions should be had rather than "no you are wrong" or "ironic and incorrect you post is" or "I used to respect you, but you should move on and get a life. Guess what neither you nor I are saying those things, someone else is. ” Well yeah neither of us have done it in this thread so far. And you're responding to icecon. Who in tern was responding to ossuary who came into the thr…

  • Quote from Pandaemonium: “Blame hex on the lack of communication not some idiot like me who is a random Joe on the forums. Reeplay would you tell your best friend to invest money in this game right now? Hex has had alot of opportunities to fix the queue problem and there has been zero discussion by them. Arguing with each other does no good. ” Well first of all I would never call anything spent on a game an investment. But if they were considering to spend money it would be the same answer it al…

  • Sigh this is why I don't post here often anymore. You're allowed to be frustrated, you're allowed to not be happy. But going into every thread and saying something along the lines of 'game dead don't bother' helps no one. It makes the game even more miserable to be around. You got a problem? cool make a dedicated thread about it. But it's a joke that the same people are going into every friday post, every thread and saying the same thing. Hex has done stuff wrong. That does not mean the player c…

  • They actually already have. A few months ago they made it if a player loses to DC they lose the whole match skipping the wait for the reserves and 2nd game.

  • Damn I really liked your service. It made gold so much easier to buy and sell and almost gave a consistent rate for gold. Sorry you don't want to do it anymore. Thanks for offering it for so long.

  • Yeah I think the queue problem is a big one and is only making the game look worse. Even the largest games try to keep less than 6 or 7 queues up at a time. Sealed and Immortal are obvious choices. Sealed was never that popular but since the switch to Bo3 it has gotten even worse, and evo is very similar to sealed anyway. I know immortal is linked to hex primal but the fact is in the games current state immortal just doesn't work. The prize is based on a gauntlet from almost 3 years before it wh…

  • Quote from [PSN]soulcharger69: “well last season ended i got 15 rares and 3 legendaries and a bunch of other stuff and gold too. ” Okay I think I know what happened. You probably got the 4 packs from getting through gold and a primal pack was included in those packs. Whenever you get a pack you have about a 2% chance to get a primal pack in addition (primal packs are gold). The primal pack has 13 rares + 2 legendaries and the regular packs probably gave rares and a 2nd legendary. The primal isn'…

  • I think you misunderstood what happened on the ladder reset. You get the rewards as you rank up then go into a leaderboard at the end which determines if you qualify for a tournament. When the ladder season resets you drop a division (to platinum 5 in your case since you were cosmic). Because you were put into platinum straight away you got all the rewards up to gold immediately.