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  • So the Animus of Nulzann has equipment, and that is great. But when I went to put on my boots, they ended up on my head instead. Does Nulzann have feet on its head, or is this a bug that needs squashing? My vote would be to move the Equipment to the feet, because my ears aren't big enough to hold up those boots.…20d796752433444c11fdca923

  • Mass Produce Card and Gear

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    So, I just received the PVE card Mass Produce for the first time and was checking it out. The text on the card reads "Summon X replicas of target troop." The Headgear for the card also reads "Summon X replicas of target troop." How does the gear affect this card? Thanks! On another note, the card won't link using the forum's card linker, so here is a screenshot I took:…20d796752433444c11fdca923 And a little bigger:…20d796752433444c11f…

  • The Vampire Queen card does not allow you to click on the Vampire Children text to view the card.

  • VIP Rewards Not Received

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    The past two weeks I haven't received my VIP packs and my VIP status lasts until 7/13. Has anyone else had this issue? How do I submit a trouble ticket to get the missing packs?