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  • Quote from Xylo: “For instance, the opponent can Herofall Sivavis, which is a one sided board wipe since Herofall targets opposing troops only, while the controller of Sivavis cannot do the same thing. ” Not quite.... you control the copies since Sivavis would create the actions. An opponent that plays herofall on Sivavis would allow you to wipe their board with the copies of Herofall it creates and leave the rest of your board untouched.

  • Sivavis, Mirror Master 4 Unique Troop - Necrotic Mage Deckbuilding: You may only include actions that have a single target. When a champion plays an action from their hand that targets this, create a copy of that action for each other troop in play. Each copy targets a different one of those troops. 1 / 5 "Through studying the shards of Hex, I have found we are mere reflections of a greater power."

  • I have dinnered and it is now time for me to choose my favorite. As High Judge, I doth proclaim that I like Xylo's submission the best. I like the flavor of killing a necrotic and the pulling its two diamond eyes out. It very much requires the number TWO to be flavorful and conveys its idea simply and elegantly. So @Xylo send me a PM and I'll get your choice of reward to you.

  • YAY!!! There's entries for me to actually judge. I'll be judging entires when I get home from work today, so if you want to submit an idea, you've realistically got til around 5pm PST.

  • Doombringer Q&A Thread

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    Quote from Vroengard: “I had Lord Blightbark, Worldscar, Locket of Reflection and Sylvan Springs in play and I had a Blightbark Burster in hand, none in the deck. I played the Blightbark Burster and it created an infinite loop creating a Burster in the deck, playing it and copying each played directly onto the board! However, the 3 damage from the 80something copies (before I had to Alt+F4) never came. ” Something fishy is going on. While mapping out trigger orders, I couldn't find any way to ge…

  • Quote from Wolzarg: “Interesting i never saw this while creating 400 visage a turn so either its new/newly bugged or you created more triggers than that. It does take a hell of a lot of time to process tho so is timer a issue? Either way in pve these should clearly always be in the players favor its not like its easily abusable. ” The shin'hare with Replica Reinforcements was getting to the point where it took several minutes to spawn all the shin'hare (but still less than 5 min), so it's reason…

  • It really doesn't take that much to cause a forced loss. It's been a long time since I actually created an infinite loop; I've learned better. But I like building decks that have engines that make numbers go big, and this usually causes a forced loss. I've had an "infinite loop" forced loss with a prophecy deck. I was bouncing Wakuna Crowfeather + coyotle it prophesied in and out of play. It was by no means infinite, but I got a single coyotle to have an absurd number of triggers. This huge stre…

  • Quote from Xylo: “@Arcanyx: I think you forgot to update the deadline in the topic title. ” Actually the topic title is correct, I'm only running a week-long contest. I fixed the mistaken deadline in the post.

  • Glendower is my man, so I'll take the Artificer's Mallet. (IGN matches forum name) Thanks for running the contest. I've got the next contest up:…he-judge-june-20-june-26/ I for one would two-ly a-three-ciate if you could head over four an awesome contest.

  • Count me in for an awesome contest... The Rules: - Design a card (or possibly multiple cards) that meets the design constraint described below. The one that I like the best is the winner. You may submit multiple entries, but please be considerate of your fellow players and don't go too overboard. In the case of multiple entries, you will still receive one prize at most. In addition to any listed prizes, the winner then creates a thread for the next round, creates a new design constraint, and the…

  • discovering new things in hex

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    Parallel Realities reverts. Sour Grum'puss prevents reversion. It actually took me a second to figure out why the troop I was attacking with was growing in number exponentially. This somewhat obvious interaction (in retrospect) came to my attention when I was playing a Rowdy deck with Sugarpuss in PvE and the candies had randomly generated both of those cards. HEX is a great game for finding new and interesting card interactions.

  • Mercenary Guide

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    Quote from SaintVicarious: “Obliteron Kor Thanks to Fred for this Sharky Eye of Sauron. Obliteron Kor is all about those multishard cards. Multishard actions get one less cost to play (Awesome) and your Multishard troops get +1A/+1D while in play (Handy). Plus when you reach a whopping six charges you'll summon a random Terminus (Which typically tend to be powerful as heck). While the super obvious thing to say here is "play a bunch of multishard cards", there's also something to be said for hav…

  • My keyword: Avenge Avenge is an ability that triggers when another troop you control dies. So it could give all manner of aggressive buffs to give a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" decision to opponents: opponents can kill a large, menacing troop, but it will trigger the Avenge abilities of the remaining creatures. Some examples: "Avenge - This gets +1 and Swiftstrike" "Avenge - This gets Rage 2." There could even be cards that trigger Avenge abilities without something needing something…

  • Quote from Lucylumxx: “Send foward rewards to Lucylum [thats my nick in the game] I wish you all the best. ” Aren't Forum names in-game names? Cause I sent rewards to Lucylumxx...

  • Well if you would like to offer some prizes that aren't the opportunity to sacrifice your first born, I can offer some thematic cards: - 4x Fifth Book of D'harsis - 4x Harbinger of Hastur - 2 x Chronic Madness You can decide how to distribute them.

  • @Firellius Shamrock would be my choice. Thanks for hosting the contest. And it looks like there is already even another contest posted.

  • Doombringer Q&A Thread

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    Quote from Rolfusius: “Alright, here is a strange one. I attack with whimsy witch, which transforms back into Voice of D'endrrah. At the start of my turn, it transforms back into whgimsy witch and i draw a card while whimsy get's -2/-2 and dies. Is this intended? How do the chain of whimsy into voice work out? ” I don't think there is any problem here. At the start of your turn you have a Whimsy Witch transformed into Voice of D'endrrah. So the Voice has two triggers at the start of the turn: - …

  • Quote from Amostephil: “yeah arcanyx, but the problem is, that this behavior makes the gem much too strong, so i really dont know if this is working as intented. ” I won't argue whether it is too strong or not, but it is working as written.

  • Abilities of troops cannot be activated in the crypt unless they specifically say so (like the PVE card Charred Zombie). However, as per your description, your opponent activated the ability while in play, so there is no problem. Where there seems to be confusion is that the ability seems to work from the graveyard, however, the text of the Major Sapphire just says to return to your hand. It doesn't matter where the Dark Heart actually is when the ability resolves. So as long as the ability is a…

  • My submission is a cycle of Bonds that will make a literal pet-a-palooza. Each Bond triggers off of a human entering play and then make the human bond with their respective pet. So in the case of the and bonds, the pets will be able to boost and protect your human troop. * Bond of the Courageous 4 Constant ---------- When you play a human, summon a Royal Falcon. That human becomes the master of the summoned pet and gets "This troop's pets have + equal to this troop's ." * Bond of the Wise 4 Cons…