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  • The headress states that you drain 1 life from your opponent for each troop in your graveyard, when in actuality it simply drains one health only. The card works fine without the equipment (granting one health each turn per troop in your graveyard) so somehow the mechanic of the equipment fails to recognize the "for each troop in your crypt" line.

  • All of the alternate arts from the Lyvaanth collectors deck do not work with their respective equipments. Just another bug(s) that needs to be fixed.

  • Just played a new deck I made against the AI using verdict cards and discovered that the glove equipment for the twilight scout does not work. PS. Just noticed this is already a known issue. Keep up the good work HXE

  • Cool Card!(Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Angmar: “Here is my problem with this - The cards are about to become worthless. With previous flashbacks there was a general belief that immortal would be a supported format and this was a last chance to get cards that could spiral upward in price. Currently that is not true at all. Flashbacks would basically just be a waste of money on cards you will never play with again in a month or two. If Immortal ever becomes a supported format I'd absolutely love to see regular flashback even…

  • I have also not been able to log in. I know that they said they would launch hex on ps4 next week, but i took a look at the announcement from sony and it said that the game is out now. perhaps this is the reason for the connection problems?…ca345d977c40eebd72105febe

  • Here are my suggestions: Entrathian Madness Not Lords of the Arena The Dark Heart of Entrath Legends of the Cosmos Not so sly rollers The salty salt of Entrath Heroes never fall Transmogrifade away The Wrath of Entrath Cartomancers unite! The Crows Roars for PvE! The Primal Pack Freaks of Entrathian Nature Guys on a Buffalo Ninjas in training Decree of Brandishing Midnight Entrathian Gatherers Hideous PvE Conversion The Dread End of PvP PvE Might Makes PvP Right Jank this Bot The Spiraling End o…

  • I have fought hogarth elite 5 times now and four out of the five i lost two or three times in a row using terrormill while every single other character in the arena I play against is almost no challenge (i don't break my acorns since I don't want to keep buying new ones). If he goes first, you will most likely be dead by the time you can play your first 2-cost card. So, unless you have a 0-drop or a 1-drop that instantly kills one or two troops or somehow turns the tide (or you use up your acorn…

  • I can also confirm that it did not work properly. was playing against the AI and it only lost resources, did not have to discard or sacrifice troops.

  • Can't log in

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    Current time is 11:18 AM PT so servers should be back up in the next hour or so unless they run into problems

  • I have had the same problem with Zakiir not having flight since the patch, and I can verify that it is the legendary equipment that is bugged. The first image shows how it is fine without the equipment. The second image shows how with the equipment he is bugged.

  • Found a bug with copycat when i stole it from my opponent during the final game of the first arcanum vault today. The first bug appeared when i stole his copycat with my bride and then as it entered play I selected my opponents' empress of ice. the copycat momentarily copied the empress of ice and then glitched back to the original copycat (the opponents' empress of ice was not a copycat originally, it was in fact an empress of ice, but this was the second time the empress had been targeted by t…

  • cant log in

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    The patch is not done yet, so no one can log in currently. If you want to keep up to speed with the status of the update, check out their twitter feed at this link:…mp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor