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  • Frost Rant and Hex2

    Sukebe - - HEX Discussions


    Personally, I love that the factions in Hex were changed so much. I liked how they were originally but factions should be changed by big events. As you mentioned, the faction that is least changed is the void based faction. This to me is perfect. They are driven by unfathomable alien goals and run by Elder beings we cannot comprehend. This, to me at least, means that events that would change the oyher factions would have no (apparent) effect on them. Ultimately, change makes the world of hex a f…

  • I was surprised to see the letter when I stopped by the Hex website, but I am very happy to see it I love Hex and even with all that has happened I do not regret the sacrifices I had to make to get my grand king kickstarter tier, or all the rest of the money I spent on the game after that Whatever form Hex 2 takes I will most definitely be there the day it launches (or sooner if there is a beta)

  • Quote from Dinotropia: “I've got you! Let me know if you still have trouble getting back into your account. ” Thank you, I am back in

  • How far is AZ3 coming?

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    Quote from Frederik: “it is i best dont spend any money anymore on hex it seems. ” enough people making this decision and we can be guaranteed the game will die. I don't have a lot to spend on anything but I still spend what I can on Hex. also, the people on these forums were doom and gloom/the sky is falling even before Hex admitted it was having problems. they simply took Corys words as an excuse to be even more toxic than they were before. Some have good suggestions but only bother giving the…

  • This thread has shown exactly why they didn't want to post this information. it is now nothing chicken littles claiming the sky is falling. Sure, a lot people already assumed the worst but now, with just a small post from cory admitting things are not all peachy, we have people shitting on the game, on the devs, and all HexEnt staff. I hope this thread gets closed soon, it can do nothing but hurt Hex at this point.

  • Quote from schild: “Sukebe, that post is absurd on it's face. You're surprised Magic is fun? Every licensed thing CZE has pushed out has been great? Also, "They weren't for me but I can see how some people would enjoy them" literally means nothing. Comeon, dude. Compliment where compliments are due, but don't be ridiculous. ” nothing absurd about it really. What I meant was that the small changes Hex made to mtg had a really good effect on the gameplay. I also enjoyed the campaign for a long whi…

  • Quote from Raptos: “ I can't imagine anyone believing in a project of yours anymore, and I won't spend a cent on your game, unless by some miracle you can clean up this mess. Even then my trust in HXE has eroded completely. I wish you would have the decency to say the game is dead, instead of trying to stoke up hope, in a hopeless situation. HEX will forever remain as a prime example of how not to run a card game/game in general. The worst thing about that, is that I love this game, I just can't…

  • I think a lot of these sound fun. I would certainly try them each out at least once, and probably more

  • Quote from Damascus: “Quote from Plotynus: “I really hope things works out well for HXE. But I'm not a fool, I will believe things can work out when I see that things are actually done to improve AND to pass this moment. 2 months of silence, set 10 and a big announcement in 3 or 4 months won't be enough, and the current weltanschauung of the community NEEDS to be addressed, as it's clearly demotivating the current players, any potential new one and I might want to bet that the mood at HXE also. …

  • Dino Watch

    Sukebe - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Airtron: “Quote from Ertzi: “That 2016 quote is brutal to read. ” Want to know what else is super brutal to read? Friday Update! 9.15.17 ” Are we reading the same update? The only "bad" thing there is that he said he won't say exactly when new pve is coming...which you should have figured out a long time ago.

  • Quote from mustachemagic: “Im gonna make a mistake here and post in the forum. Rip MM 2018. This is directed at the negative posts about the state of the game in this thread. The way i see it is these threads are pointless. If you dont feel hex ent is doing the job well stop investing your resources (time + money) in them. Your only hurting yourself doing this. Even if your not spending time and money playin the game, making these posts is still waisting your time which just makes you less happy…

  • Happy Birthday Hex! This is the best online tcg around and it just keeps getting better That isn't to say everything is perfect, there is a lot that still needs to be done. This last year has shown a lot of progress and I can't wait to see where the next year takes us

  • Smart Packs

    Sukebe - - Feedback and Suggestions


    the only other place I want to see smart drops is in the frost ring arena. there is so much to collect there that this would be a big help.

  • Selling collection.

    Sukebe - - Auction House and Trading


    do you have a link to your collection? the pics are nice but I need to look through it to see if I will buy it.

  • Epic Spell Warz - First Thoughts

    Sukebe - - HEX Discussions


    Quote from Vroengard: “Quote from Sukebe: “however, saying that it is in any way and ethical issue is both ridiculous and absurd ” I think Nico just phrased it weirdly. Not ethical / unethical. I understand he wanted to say that yes, the mode is fun and yes, 100plat is almost negligible but he won't play on principle ( = because of or in order to demonstrate one's adherence to a particular belief ). This is something that should cost 0 and even if the entry fee was 1plat or 1gold he might not ha…

  • Quote from NicoSharp: “I don't need your moral compass to agree or disagree with my use and interpretation of the word 'ethical' in this scenario. I mean what I say, and if that is met with laughs or thinking I am crazy for feeling that way, so be it. I'm not telling you not to speak with your wallet. You do that. ” I think you should really step away from the game a bit. I used to think of you as both level headed and logical but it seems both of those qualities are no longer apparent. when you…

  • Quote from NicoSharp: “Quote from Sukebe: “Quote from NicoSharp: “Mode looks like a shit ton of fun. Too bad I can't ethically play it. ” lol, what in the world would be unethical about playing the format? this seems a bit extreme... ” It is a bit extreme. I am okay with that. Definitely pushing an agenda to try and have a reason... any reason really, to say to a random gamer friend... "Psst, you should check out HEX, and this casual mode. It's super fun, and it's free." I guess I'll have to rol…

  • Quote from NicoSharp: “Mode looks like a shit ton of fun. Too bad I can't ethically play it. ” lol, what in the world would be unethical about playing the format? this seems a bit extreme...

  • Quote from NeroJinous: “Quote from NicoSharp: “Nothing I said had to do with the truth. It has to do with being a decent fucking human being. You seem to be one, at least from stream. Don't stop now. It's getting harder to give HXE any more rope. They don't really deserve it, but they deserve some level of decency. We have been here for 5 years. Some of us, at least. ” I though I explained this before. I'm 100% kind to everyone human until they prove they don't deserve it. At that point I don't …

  • Quote from AnomalyCobra: “@Sukebe the general consensus of complaints have come from veteran players i never stated ALL veteran players, Jesus dude like picking an argument while grasping at straws ” you are not exactly putting much effort into your posts either... You implied it was veteran players that were unhappy with these decks and that it was new players that liked them. I pointed out that was not entirely true, that is all