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  • Quote from Dinotropia: “Quote from Memory: “The fact that we have to use Herofall packs for 6/6/6 makes no sense at all to me and is punitive to all the players who stocked up on Scars packs. ” A quick comment on the release celebration pack issue: there was a problem getting the release celebration event live. We decided that it was better to have a 665 tournament (that played like a 666 tournament) than to delay the event further. ” So, if Herofall primals keep proccing, are you going to repla…

  • ayy thanks I actually made this thread quite a bit prior but never hit submit. danke

  • Arcane Focus locks the game

    TheWesterner - - Resolved Bugs


    As the title says. If you use Arcane Focus, you can't select a card, and your game will lock, eventually ending in you timing out due to inability to pass priority. Had to exit the game to leave the match. I have a video of this occurring: Thanks

  • Card of the Day, #72, Tale of Trauma is up! First one of set 6!

  • Hello all, my name is Chandler Prunty, with my site HEX Impulse! We're the up-and-coming HEX TCG resource, including, but not limited to: - Card of the Day articles -- these articles, written by me, showcase a new card each day and show their strengths, weaknesses, and possible combos and alternate uses. I write these personally every weekday, Monday through Friday. - Rotation Primer -- Want to know what your favorite deck loses with the set 6 rotation? Just interested to see what kind of things…