FiveShards Weekly Series #1

Sat, Jan 5th 2019, 1:00am - 3:00am

  • There are 2 scheduled events over the weekend.

    Saturday (Series #1)
    1am Pacific (Click here for local time)
    Saturday (Series #2)
    8pm Pacific (Click here for local time)


    FiveShards hosts two weekly tournament series that each culminates in a final monthly tournament!

    Cost: Free!
    Format: Single Elimination Constructed, best of 3.
    Time: Various
    Day: Saturday or Sunday
    Where: In-client, under the "Special" tab


    1st – 10000 Platinum
    2nd – 16 Boosters
    3rd-4th – 8 boosters
    5-8 – 4 boosters
    9-16th – 2 boosters

    Qualifying Points:

    Players will earn tickets from the FSWS series. The currency, the FiveShards ticket, can only be used to enter into the Finale tournament at the end of the month you earned them.

    1st-2nd – 7 tickets
    3rd-4th – 5 tickets
    5th-8th – 3 tickets
    9th-16th – 1 tickets